Terpel commemorates 10 years of operation in the Dominican Republic

Organización Terpel, a company that provides aviation fuel supply and operation services, commemorated its tenth anniversary as a strategic ally of tourism and aviation in the Dominican Republic.

Delivering the keynote speech at a dinner held at El Embajador a Royal Hideaway Hotel, the president of Organización Terpel, Óscar Bravo, took the opportunity to express his gratitude for the trust placed in them during these 10 years.

“The permanent belief in us and in our work have been determining factors for the success and expansion of our operation. This is how in the last decade we have been able to deliver more than 470 million gallons of fuel in more than 300 thousand supply operations”, added Bravo.

He also reaffirmed Terpel’s commitment to continue implementing initiatives in favor of the communities and operating under the best practices in social, economic and environmental terms.

Liliana Tovar, vice president of Aviation and Marine, said that it has been a decade of growth and learning, in which effort, discipline and constant work have driven the achievement of its goals and consolidation in the Dominican Republic.

“In these years, through a service, beyond supply, operational excellence in each of the processes and our intelligent network, we have strengthened our commitment not only with business results, but with the growth and development of the Dominican Republic, for example, in 99% of cases, our purchases are made from local suppliers in order to boost the economy,” said Tovar.

Andrés Bejarano, Terpel’s general manager for the country, referred to the challenging year 2020 and the way in which air activities were paralyzed practically all over the world, but emphasized that, against all odds, 2021 has allowed them to have a faster recovery than expected, especially since July, where they already see levels of operation similar or even higher than those we had in 2019 before the pandemic.

During the event, Terpel presented plaques of appreciation to Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI, S.A. (Aerodom), a subsidiary of Vinci Airports; the Association of Airlines of the Dominican Republic (ALA) and the Dominican Airlines Association (ADLA).

The activity closed with a coffee and chocolate tasting-pairing by the barista and roaster, CEO of Poesía Colada, Sofía Tarrazo and Oscar Medina, marketing coordinator of Grupo Rizek, representing the Kah Kow brand.

The musical ambience was provided by the jazz trio Vibratto, made up of violinist Pedro Ubiera, pianist Miguel Ángel Hernández and percussionist Azarías Santana.

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