The 30 destinations that made the DR the first to recover

The Dominican Republic has been recognized by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) as number one in the world in the recovery of tourism after the fall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the mandatory confinement and the reactivation of activities, Dominicans began to enjoy domestic tourism to a great extent, exploring emblematic places of this land, as well as discovering new corners that have stolen the hearts of locals and foreigners.

Undoubtedly, this has been one of the actions that have made the country number one in this post-pandemic recovery. Therefore, we invite you to get to know every corner of this part of the island. Here are 30 destinations in the Dominican Republic.

1. Bahía de las Águilas (Eagles Bay)
It is one of the best beaches in the country. Its sea of blue tones that changes color as the sun overlaps provides a mind-blowing experience. Located in Pedernales, this destination offers the best sunsets.

2. Romeo’s Wells
These wells are located on the Pedernales-Barahona highway. On the side of the road is this wonder of nature, three ecological wells of fresh and crystalline water known as Pozos de Romeo. One is right next to the other and they have different sizes and depths.

3. Cabo Rojo Beach
Cabo Rojo is a beautiful semi-pristine beach, with a unique and enviable biodiversity, and with great tourist potential, located in the Jaragua National Park in Pedernales.

4. Laguna Arroyo Salado Beach
This spa is located in Oviedo, Pedernales province. This place is a beautiful lagoon of crystalline waters, surrounded by an impressive vegetation composed mostly of mangroves, located only five kilometers from the Oviedo lagoon and 65 kilometers from Barahona.

5. El Quemaíto Beach
This beach is located 15 minutes from the city of Barahona, its shores are characterized by white stones. It offers a turquoise sea with few waves, which makes it safe for visitors. It has the characteristic of having a subway river of cold waters that, when mixed with those of the sea, create a very pleasant combination.

6. San Rafael Beach
San Rafael Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the southern region. Among its characteristics, it has a beach and a river mixing. Both, fresh and salt water, become a dream for those who seek to enjoy both environments in one place.

7. Los Patos Beach and Spa
This is a space full of contrast, located in Barahona. Los Patos is considered the shortest river in the country, and its waters mix with those of the sea. The beach is not ideal for swimming due to its strong waves, but it is still worth a visit to enjoy the unparalleled beauty it projects.

8. Mata de Maíz River
In the town of Polo, within the Sierra de Bahoruco in the province of Barahona, is this beautiful river. Known for its blue and cold waters, it is one of the places you must visit.

9. La Plaza Spa
This river is located in La Ciénega de Barahona in the area of Los Naranjos, and what makes this river different from the others is the crystalline waters. As you walk, you find the different puddles that invite you to take a good swim in them.

10. Path of the Virgin
The Sendero de la Virgen is located in the area of La Cienaga, it has an extension of more than one kilometer, which ends in a cave where a waterfall descends. It can be explored in approximately an hour and a half.

11. Yayitas Waterfall
This waterfall is one of the most beautiful in the southern part of the country. It is located 22 kilometers north of the province of Peravia, and to reach it we must cross several times through the different points of the Baní River.

12. The Dunes
“Las Dunas de Baní”, located between the towns of Matanzas, Las Calderas and Las Salinas, is a small desert that extends for about 15 kilometers in a straight line.

13. Baní Salt Flats
Less than five minutes from the Baní Dunes is this pink paradise, called Salinas, from where much of the salt we put on our table every day is extracted.

14. Los Charcos de Nizao
This place definitely became fashionable after the pandemic. It is located in the lower part of the Aguacate dam, and it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk to the El Buque puddle.

15. Valle Nuevo National Park
The Dr. Juan Bautista Perez Rancier National Park, better known as “Valle Nuevo”, is a wonder among the mountains of Constanza. With a unique biodiversity in the Caribbean, it is located 2,200 meters above sea level and has a high ecotourism potential for hosting places such as the Aguas Blancas Waterfall, Las Pirámides and the Caamaño Monument.

16. Aguas Blancas Waterfall
This is one of the attractions of the Valle Nuevo Park, known for its very cold waters and the beautiful contrasts of its surroundings. It is located in the El Convento area of the city of Constanza and has two waterfalls with temperatures of up to 10 degrees Celsius.

17. Monument to the Divine Child
Climbing to this place offers an unforgettable view. From here you can get the best view of the Constanza Valley. This place is 15 meters high and is located near the town. It is visited for its spiritual importance and to enjoy its panoramic views.

18. Pyramids of Valle Nuevo
Considered the geographic center of the Dominican Republic, these pyramids are a must-see destination for everyone. A perfect place for those who enjoy camping outdoors under pleasant temperatures that range between 14 and 16 degrees during the day and can drop to 0 degrees at night.

19. Partido River
This beautiful river is loved by many because of its diversity, waterfalls, pools and turquoise blue color. It is located in the Hermanas Mirabal province and can be reached from three places: Las Golondrinas Waterfall, Jurutungo in the La Salcedo Scientific Reserve and La Confluencia (the latter being the most visited because it is the easiest to access).

20. El Limón Waterfall
Salto El Limón is one of those places in Samaná that is located in a mountainous area. Upon arrival you will enjoy an impressive view that varies depending on the flow of water when you visit.

21. Ermitaño Beach
It is famous for its turquoise blue waters and green coconut trees, which will make you never want to leave this paradisiacal place, located in El Limón, Samaná. The beach is 400 meters long and is surrounded by reefs.

22. El Valle Beach
Samaná is known for many tourist attractions and its beaches are the main one, so visiting the area of El Valle is a rewarding experience for those looking to disconnect and connect a little more with nature.

23. Cosón Beach
This beach is incredible, beautiful and magical. Known for being one of the most pristine beaches in Las Terrenas, it has an exotic beauty, adorned with coconut trees all along its coastline, with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

24. Arroyo Salado Beach
Arroyo Salado, La Boca or La Entrada are the names by which this beach in the municipality of Cabrera is known. It has more than four kilometers of white beach adorned by hundreds of coconut palms.

25. Duck Tail
This is a natural river that enchants with its turquoise color and its incredible waterfalls. It is located in the mountains of Jamao Al Norte, Espaillat province, and is the favorite of many adventurers because it offers a fantastic experience.

26. Aguas Calientes Park
This park is located in Sajoma. It is a large space where you can hike among rivers and mountains and, of course, bathe in its warm waters.

Catalina Island
This island has less than 10 square kilometers approximately and is very visited during the year for various water activities. To get there you can take one of the catamaran boats that leave from the coast of La Romana and enjoy a perfect day at the beach.

28. Bayahíbe Beach
Bayahibe is characterized by the great quantity of activities you will find to do. A magic town, with beautiful beaches. Ideal to spend days immersed in its magic.

29. Saona Island
Saona is one of the largest islands in size, located in the Parque Nacional del Este in the Dominican Republic. Here you will find an incredible population of mangroves perfect for exploring.

30. Sonador River
This place, located in a private estate in Yásica, Puerto Plata, is famous because it had a tree trunk crossing the puddle. The place has several puddles and water curtains.

31. Sand Key
Located about 20 minutes by boat from the beach of Punta Rucia, in the north of the Dominican Republic, Cayo Arena is a small, but paradisiacal key, famous for its beautiful bottoms for diving and swimming with the fish. It is visited daily by tourists from all over the world.

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