The Government donates RD$161 million to entities

The Government delivered this Saturday more than RD$ 161 million to different religious, health and sports institutions in the province of Puerto Plata, as part of the work it is doing to identify and cover the most important needs of these sectors.

The delivery was made by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, who emphasized that the resources delivered to these organizations are a recognition of the work that day by day they make an important contribution to the welfare of society.

A note points out that, of the funds delivered, RD$ 36.7 million are for the remodeling works of the José Briceño stadium, and RD$ 6.1 million for the completion of the Immaculate Conception Chapel of Don Gregorio (Maimón).

In addition, RD$ 4.7 million were given to the Puerto Plata Basketball Association, for the acquisition of a bus; RD$ 3.2 million to the Christian Church Fuente de Salvación, to collaborate with the execution of the project for the completion of the temple, and an amount of RD$ 2.1 million to the Parish of San José Esposo de la Virgen María, for the acquisition of a vehicle.

Minister Rodriguez, in addition, delivered RD$ 134,157 for the construction of a perimeter fence to close the Nuestra Señora del Carmen chapel and RD$ 919,444 to equip the Yasica Arriba District Board.

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