The National Observatory for the Food Supply and Food Safety Trade is born

The National Observatory of the Provisions Trade and Food Security (ONACOPROSA) was created and was announced as a space that brings together the main trade, industry and production associations, academics, professionals and specialized technicians, to contribute their knowledge to the country, through the investigation of the behavior of prices and inflation of basic food products for the Dominican family, and thus contribute to the proper functioning of public policies.

This observatory, arises with the purpose of maintaining an open space to investigate and project the behavior of prices in the future, and recommend corrective measures to any possible inflationary impact in the Dominican Republic.

“In order to achieve the objectives, it is essential to unite the criteria between the organized trade associations, industrialists, producers, academics, technicians specialized in the matter and the Government, with the purpose of protecting the Dominican Republic,” explains a press release.

It says that when we try to intervene in an event, where social, economic and political interests are involved, the tasks multiply and the times are shortened; many times, in the search for solutions, in the face of the variety of possible ways, confusion reigns as a result of passions.

Given the importance and incidence of the events we intend to address, we consider it necessary to create a common front of analysis through this observatory, which will allow the government to have an external view, in order to avoid being under the influence, often biased, of its environment.

The proposed observatory should operate in a previously agreed context, based on the philosophy of participation and cooperation in the tasks of observation, analysis, statistics, results and recommendations.

An objective analysis of the variables is expected from the observatory’s participants, ensuring results free of passion and allowing the establishment of a clear and orderly strategy that will lead to the achievement of the pre-established objectives.

The observatory will offer the tools that the Government will be able to count on as a reference for its actions, but always recognizing that the protagonism must be in society and not in the institutions, so that the observatory will be at the service of the protagonists at all times.


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