The Phone Number Portability Begins In Dominican Republic

This will promote free competition among telecommunications companiesPhone Companies Dominican Republic V01

BREAKING NEWS : The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) declared on Wednesday, from 8.30 on the official start of the phone number portability in the Dominican Republic.

The announcement was made by the President of the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), José Rafael Vargas, who called the measure event with a unique importance that all Dominicans have the chance to live.

He explained that from this Wednesday, September 30, the Dominican Republic would become the fourth nation in Latin America and the Caribbean to implement the system of number portability, a change which became – and has the more important – with the support, participation and integration enthusiastic 17 telecommunications companies.

Mr. Vargas said that the number of portability was not one of the most important facts from the Dominican Republic in telephony for users.

According to Mr. Vargas, the companies have worked to install their network to accommodate the number of portability, which allows him to announce that everything is ready to start on Wednesday, that the project had begun in 2006, as part of commitments made by countries in the free Trade agreement between the United States, Central America and the Dominican Republic (DR-CAFTA).

He explained that users will require advantage quality in telephony, and as competition increases the benefit of customers.

We want to move towards a regime of technological competition, reducing rates, greater access to the Internet and less than half the current price, he said.

He said that in a period ranging from 24 to 72 hours, users can change companies without changing their telephone number.

Mr Vargas congratulated Orange Dominicana, Viva and the Dominican Telephone Company (CODETELfor their investments to adapt to the Number Portability.

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The Ministry of Environment announced the beginning of the month of reforestation

Birds Dominican Republic V01Two million trees will be planted in October

BREAKING NEWS : The Ministry of Environment, through the Quisqueya Green National Plan announced the beginning of the month of reforestation.

Two million trees of native and endemic species will be planted at 400 seeding operations across the country.

With the participation of 200 business organizations and NGOs, as well as over 100 public institutions, reforestation operations will take place throughout the country, with the support of 290 permanent brigades in all provinces.

Mr Fernandez Mirabal said that the problem of burning the border is known but it is not only the Haitian. Haitians burned trees with the complicity of the Dominicans. To combat this scourge, it’s been ten months since we have some reforestation brigades on the ground. It is a serious problem and we’re contacting international organizations to establish programs that relieve the pressure on the Dominican forest.

For operations of reforestation, SEMARENA has 9 million plants in the nursery of the institution, and more than 13 million plants from private producers.

The main areas of reforestation are located near rivers Nizao, Ozama, Jima, comatose, Nigua, Camu, Maimon, Haina, Boba, Yuna, Yaque del Norte and Jura.

This year, the institution would like to plant a total of 20 million plants. So far, there are 12 million trees were planted, double the previous years.

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Leonel Fernández Inaugurates housing complex in San Jose de Ocoa

Leonel Fernandez Jose Ocoa V01For victims of tropical storm Noel

BREAKING NEWS : President Leonel Fernández has inaugurated Thursday two housing projects for families affected by Noel Tropical storm in late October 2007.

The projects, which include a total of 160 apartments, were built by the National Housing Institute (INVI), with an investment of 111,339,815.04 pesos.

With these 160 homes, the total of apartments built by the government to rehouse victims of storms Noel and Olga now stands at 2 536.
The projects launched are those of INVI-Villa Progreso San José de Ocoa and INVI-Villa Progreso Sabana Larga.

The first project includes 96 housing units on two-story buildings, each one with two bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, balcony and bathroom. It was built with an investment of $ 65, 977,500.96 pesos.

INVI-Villa Progreso Sabana Larga includes 64 apartments and was built with a cost of 45,362,314.08 pesos. Both projects have services as drinking water, sewer, electricity, roads, parking lots, and side-walks.

The Director of INVI , Mrs. Alma Fernández, delivered the keynote speech of the ceremony and announced that once the loan from the Bank of Foreign Trade of Colombia (BANCOLDEX) is granted, the remaining 60 apartments will be constructed to rehouse victims still await their new home.

Ms. Fernandez explained that since 2004 the government had built 8 296 new homes on different areas of the country.

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The Department of Agriculture updated the Strategic Development Plan

Agrarian Reform Dominican Republic V01To increase the export capacity of the country

BREAKING NEWS : The Ministry of Agriculture has begun the process of updating the Strategic Plan for Development of Agricultural Sector to increase food security in the Dominican Republic and increase the export capacity of the productive sectors of the country.

The meeting, which lasted two days, was led by Minister of AgricultureSalvador (Chío) Jimenez, who also chaired the discussions to formulate new public policies for agricultural implement the period 2010-2020.

Paino Abreudirector of the Agricultural Bank, attended the opening discussions, and gave details on plans for the institution to increase the level of resources available to producers.

The director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), Héctor Rodríguez Pimentel, for his part presented the programs to be developed in order to increase production and productivity of Agrarian Reform.

At the meeting discount, most of the topics concerned the country’s capacity to establish a new food strategy, the increase in export crop, generating more divisions and jobs and the development of ’actions aimed at improving the rural environment.

Mr Jimenez said that the results of the meeting will be presented to all productive sectors and international cooperation agencies, as part of a socialization process that will be released soon.

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The Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates visits Dominican Republic

Leonel Fernandez Sheikh Al Nahyan V01He confirms the installation of a gas station in the country

BREAKING NEWS : The Foreign Minister of United Arab EmiratesShaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is now in Dominican Republic to announce the beginning in the next days of the construction of a modern gas station in the municipality of Manzanillo, which will add to the national electricity system 600 new megawatts.

This station will be built by the Investment Company Oil Abudabi, and at a cost of 800 million dollars.

On Monday, the Dominican presidentLeonel Fernández, received the Arab Minister, with whom he had lunch after a meeting that lasted about an hour.

The presence of the official delegation in Arab countries is due to the earlier visit of President Leonel Fernández in Qatar and the UAE, where he had met with various authorities and business representatives.

According to Carlos Morales Troncoso,Dominican Minister for Foreign Affairs, the presence of Minister of the UAE in the country will strengthen relations of the Dominican Republic with the outside world.

For its part, Binzayid Al Nahyan expressed his satisfaction with his visit to the Dominican Republic as well as of his conversation with Dominican President.

He added that he had been impressed by the beauty of the Dominican Republic, and he will try to establish stronger ties with the Dominican nation in the future, including installing a diplomatic office in the country.

President Fernandez was accompanied byAdministrative Minister of PresidencyLuis Manuel BonettiMinister for Foreign Affairs Carlos Morales TroncosoMinister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia, and Dominican Ambassador to the UAEClara Martínez.

Representing the UAE, attended the Minister of Foreign TradeH.E. Reem Ebra Him Alhashimy RedaPresident of DP WorldH.E. Sultan Bin Sulayem and the Minister of State for the Office of the IRENA,Hazza Ahmed Khamis Alkaabi, among others.

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The Dominican authorities endorse a letter of intent with the International Monetary Fund

Temistocles Montas Strauss Khan V01For a new Stand-By Agreement

BREAKING NEWS : In the annual meetings of IMF and World Bankthe Governor of the Central BankHéctor Valdez Albizuthe Finance MinisterVicente Bengoa, and the Minister of Economy, Planning and DevelopmentTemístocles Montás, met Tuesday with the Director of the International Monetary FundDominique Strauss-Kahn, and Murilo Portugal, Deputy Director of that entity, to submit the Dominican Government Letter of Intention in order to sign a standby agreement with the IMF.

The program adopted by the Dominican authorities and the IMF includes the introduction of a countercyclical fiscal policy and maintain the current monetary conditions in order to offset the effects of the global financial crisis.

In this sense and since the beginning of the year, monetary authorities have adopted measures to reduce interest rates to encourage credit expansion in the economy.

However, the execution capacity of an expansive fiscal policy, to offset the economic cycle has been limited by lower tax revenues and the drastic reduction of international funding, due largely to the global financial crisis.

In the fiscal environment, the establishment of a set of strategies to strengthen the administration has been proposed, in addition to the integrated management of tax exemptions.

The program also includes structural aspects to strengthen governance and to achieve an improvement in the electricity sector, not to mention elements of social policy to the state to help the poor.

The new Stand-By Agreement with IMF would have a duration of 2 years, and medium term plans to restore the pace of GDP growth, reduce inflation and reduce the current account deficit.

By signing this Letter of Intent, the Dominican Government continues to advance the process that will, by the end of the year, access to resources to finance the budget of 990 million ( 390 million dollars from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), 300 million dollars from the World Bank and 300 million dollars from the IMF).

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Leonel Fernández ensures that the Dominican Republic will become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council

Leonel FernándezThis will help reduce geopolitical tensions

BREAKING NEWS : President Leonel Fernández, ensured Wednesday that the Dominican Republic will one day be part of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and this will greatly increase the importance of the nation in dialogue because the country could help reduce global geopolitical tensions.

He explained that it was not necessary to be a world power to achieve, but rather to be a nation well-prepared, well trained, with a strategic vision and making the most of opportunities, adding that the Dominican Republic could meet these criteria.

The agent made the statements at the conference on global geopolitical, established by the French political scientist, Aymeric Chauprade in the Global Foundation, Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE).

If we have, as a country, an international presence, we need trained personnel who can fill those functions, and it will be necessary to cause problems of regional specialists in Latin America and Caribbean Mr Fernandez said.

He also refers to the need to develop studies on the United States and North America, and trends of the European continent.

Studying the problems of Russia, China, India, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, is an essential step for us to understand the place of the Dominican Republic in the world, said Fernandez.

He added that the Dominican Republic was consolidating its image of a mediator, who can understand the interests of nations in conflict, and help to establish mechanisms for peace and resolution of problems.

Mr. Fernandez described the history of relationships with Russia.

We will soon appoint an ambassador to Libya, and we will appoint another in Morocco, to complement our relations in Tunisia and Algeria in order to be in contact with the entire region of North Africa.

In this sense, Mr Fernandez said that the country was in a relationship with Israel, Palestine, and in his next trip, contact with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan would be established.

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Leonel Fernández receives Jimmy Carter

Fernandez Jimmy Carter V01Former U.S. President wants to eradicate diseases

BREAKING NEWS :  President Leonel Fernández received on Thursday in his office at the National Palace , the former President of the United StatesJimmy Carter, who said it was necessary that the authorities of the Dominican Republic and Haiti come to eradicate the island In the next ten years, malaria el lymphatic filariasis, most known as elephantiasis.

The agent has talked for half an hour with Mr Carter, who was accompanied by his wife Soralyn CarterJohn HardmanPresident of the Carter CentreFrank Richardsdirector of the entity, and Donald HopkinsDirector of Health.

Mr Carter said that the cost of the total eradication of malaria would amount to 194 million dollars with the program lasting 10 years for both countries.

This is the only island where these diseases still exist, so there must be a total commitment by both countries, he said.

He explained that his visit to the country was to congratulate the population of the Dominican Republic for its cooperation with the program against malaria.

Even if it is likely that the disease disappeared in Dominican Republic next year, said Carter.

Former U.S. President said that the Carter Centre had funded the program for several months and continues to do so until April of next year.

After that date, the two local governments will continue funding, with support from the international community and other entities.

Mr Carter has expressed his delight to visit the Dominican Republic, where he often came on holiday with his wife.

He also expressed his friendship to President Fernandez, who has been a friend for over 20 years.

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Leonel Fernández ensures that Brazil has become the main partner of Dominican Republic

Christ Rio Janeiro V02Brazilians and Dominicans have much in common

BREAKING NEWS :  The President Leonel Fernández has led this Saturday the 14th Meeting of the International Business Leaders of Brazil (Group LIDE), and ensured that this nation had become a strategic partner of the Dominican Republic.

We believe that Brazil is a strategic partner for development of the Dominican Republic, said the Head of State.

MrFernandez has insisted that Brazil had become an emerging force in the region, and explained that during the reform of the Security Council of the United Nations, this country should represent permanently Latin America and could count on the vote of the Dominican Republic.

He also announced the arrival in the country next month of two Supertucano planes from Brazil, to monitor Dominican airspace.

Leonel Fernández said that the Brazilians and Dominicans had much in common, like music and racial characteristics. He added that it was necessary to export ethanol to generate a habit of additional fuel consumption used in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican President congratulated his Brazilian counterpartLuiz Inácio Lula da Silva to win his country as the seat of the 2016 Olympic Games and World Cup 2014, and reaffirmed the support of the Dominican people during these two events.

The Agent has also ensured that by 2011 the Dominican Republic will grow by 7% and 8% by the end of the current government.

He said that the Dominican tourism was a success and that sustainable and ecological tourism projects will be presented in order to diversify the Dominican presence in the world.

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The Tourism Minister said that the Dominican Republic is an example of success

Fransisco Javier Garcia Punta Cana V01For Latin America and the Caribbean

BREAKING NEWS :  The Minister of Tourism has declared that the Dominican Republic was a example of success in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the country was currently booming real estate sector on tourism, which is closely linked to the development of complementary offerings such as marine and golf courses.

Francisco Javier Garcia said that being a success had attracted a substantial flow of foreign direct investment, and explained that between the years 2000 and 2008 the sector had brought more than two thousand million dollars in foreign investment.

During the last quarter of 2008, the Tourist Development Council (Confotur), approved and ranked 43 projects of various kinds, for $ 9 546.9 million, involving 77 021 hotel rooms and extra hotel.

García Fernández informed that during the period from January to August this year, 40 projects had been approved and filed for a $ 5 783.3 million dollars, involving 46 448 hotel rooms and extra hotel.

Some of these projects will be implemented over ten years he said.

These numbers and data are more than sufficient to demonstrate that in matters of economy and wealth and human capital creation, tourism in the Dominican Republic is an example of success.

The tourism minister made the statements while leading the Conference Tourism’s role in wealth creation, environmental preservation and culture in Latin America: the Dominican case, as part of the 14th International Meeting, organized by the Group of Business Leaders of Brazil (LIDE).

At the end of 2008, 195 519 direct and indirect jobs in tourism were recorded, while in 1980 the figure was only 18 879.

The Dominican Tourism Minister also explained that according to data from the Central Bank, 35% of international visitors chose to visit the Dominican Republic for the quality of its beaches, while 93.5% said they wanted to return.

This shows the visitor satisfaction regarding their expectations of sustainable tourism from a cultural perspective and environment.

He explained that the Dominican Republic had 7 Blue Flag beaches; an international certification awarded to beaches and ports with good standards of cleanliness and which are periodically checked by an environmental management system.

The strength of tourism in the Dominican Republic is such that in 2008 we were rewarded with several international organizations such as the International Association of Golf Tour Operators who awarded the prize of Number One Destination Golf 2009 » to the country.

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Leonel Fernández inaugurates power plant in Pimentel

Leonel Fernandez Pimentel V01La Electricidad de Santiago

BREAKING NEWS : President Leonel Fernández and the energy sector officials attended the official opening of the expansion of the power station La Electricidad de Santiago (Laesa / Electricity of Santiago), the system will bring additional 30 megawatts to achieve a total output of 60 megawatts.

The Head of State and executives also inaugurated the start of construction of the third stage of Electric Park which will add 50 megawatts at the month of March 2010, .

President of the LEASA consortium said that the project inaugurated was created with an investment totalling 124 million dollars.

The engineer Roberto Camino said that the economic efforts made by the company are the result of the investment climate developed by the government throughout the country.

He added that the increase in generation capacity cease, bring peace to the energy system and guarantee the energy stability in the entire northern region.

For his part, Vice-President of the Dominican Corporation of Electric Companies of State, Mr Celso Marranzini, assured that the national power sector was improving, while urging the Dominican people to pay bills power in order to guarantee service 24h/24h.

Ms. Luz Selene Plata also spoke and recalled the importance of greater energy production to respond to the needs of municipalities and communities of the Duarte Province.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the accession of the Dominican Republic to a convention

Ministry Foreign Affairs Dominican Republic V01To remove the legalization of foreign public documents

BREAKING NEWS : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the accession of the Dominican Republic to the Convention which aims to remove the requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents done at The Hague.

The agreement, which dates from 1861, is in force since last August 30.
The Convention aims to eliminate the requirement of legalization of public documents authorized in the territory of a Member State, which must be submitted on the territory of another country which is part of the agreement.

The previous procedures, as the legalization of the document with Ministries of Foreign Affairs, will therefore be suppressed and this document will be accepted only with the apostil.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the apostil is a seal endorsing the authenticity of the signature applied by the official authority of the country issuing the document, whose format and information will be identical for all signatory countries agreement.

The Government of the Dominican Republic, in compliance with Article 6 of the agreement, designated section of Legalization of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the official authority to send the apostil .

The Convention applies to documents from state institutions, higher education public and private centres, official certifications of private documents, and to official authentications of signatures.
The agreement will not apply to documents sent by diplomatic and consular or administrative documents directly related to trade and customs.

Among the countries in which the agreement will be implemented, include Albania, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, China, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Italy, Japan and Mexico, as well as Venezuela and Spain.

Countries where the agreement is not applied are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmarkand the Netherlands.

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Experts from Central America and Caribbean analyse strategies to fight natural disasters

Sea Dominican Republic V02In Panama

BREAKING NEWS : Experts and the Government represent from officially 15 countries in Central AmericaMexico and the Caribbean, are from Panama on Thursday in order to analyse strategies and mechanisms to cope with natural disasters in the region.

The Director of the Social Affairs Department of General Iberoamerican Ministry (SEGIB), Ángeles Yáñez-Barnuevo, said that the natural disasters were a constant concern for governments, and therefore stressed the importance of this meeting.

We have at our disposal interesting proposals, as well documenting and experiences that will allow us to exchange information and reach an agreement, she said.

During the event, which was held at the Convention Center of the University del Saber of Panama, which ends this Friday, will be the discussed issues such as standards that regulate the entry of cooperation and humanitarian aid, and regulations relating to care and coordination of emergency.

It is the third meeting in America, and its conclusion will be made during the XIX Iberoamerican Summit of Presidents and Heads of States, to be held in Estoril, Portugal from the 30st of November to the 1st of December.

Representatives of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, the Bahamas, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and Panama were present at the meeting.

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The Dominican Republic will grow from 2.5 to 3% in 2009

Despite the global financial crisisDominican Woman Smile V01

BREAKING NEWS: Sánchez Ramírez, (COTUI).- Despite the global financial crisis, the Dominican Republic will have an economic growth that will oscillate between 2.5 and 3%.

It’s the President Leonel Fernández made the statement while leading a dialogue with community leaders of the province Sánchez Ramírez (COTUI).
He added that the Dominican nation would be a part of the five Latin American countries that have positive economic growth.

The agent explained that every Dominican should be proud of the positive behaviour of the national economy. He said that among the cases of the most catastrophic economic collapse of countries in the area, is Mexico, which according to forecasts will have an economic growth of minus 7%.

The Head of State also explained that even if the international crisis had been avoided, revenues were unfortunately not the quantity expected.

Mr Fernandez said that this had prevented the government from carrying out certain works and to reach the obligations for this year.

The President said that the Government had signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which enables the country to have a thousand million dollars for investment and to pay debts.

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Margarita Cedeño de Fernández is extraordinary Ambassador of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Margarita Cedeño Jacques Diouf V01Second woman to hold this title

BREAKING NEWS: The title of extraordinary Ambassador of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has been awarded to the Dominican First LadyMargarita Cedeño de Fernández, the director of the entity, Jacques Diouf, making it the second woman to receive this distinction.

During the ceremony, which took place at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, the Dominican president’s wife has emphasized its commitment to fight against malnutrition and to mobilize society for the campaign against the end of the world.

After receiving the title of Ambassador Extraordinary, to Ms. Cedeño said that his role was to advocate the need to eradicate hunger on the planet, and to be at the forefront of global efforts made to fight against poverty, especially now, when new challenges in terms of food threaten more than a thousand million people.
My role as an Extraordinary Ambassador of FAO will be that of advocacy regarding the imperative need to eliminate hunger in the world today. In realizing my personal engagement, I solemnly commit myself to be at the forefront of the global fight against malnutrition, hunger and poverty, especially at this moment marked by new challenges facing food security.

We have the option to turn this crisis into an opportunity, using ingenuity, creativity and human sensibility, to promote new socio-economic order based on solidarity, brotherhood, cooperation, social justice and protecting the environment, said the first lady.

Margarita de Cedeño has developed numerous social development projects in food and agriculture, particularly aimed at empowering women through job training in food and agriculture.

The Dominican First Lady used the occasion to appeal to the international community so that they make real and tangible efforts, through structural changes that are essential to cope with hunger of the world.

The category of Extraordinary Ambassadors of FAO includes prominent members of the royal and princely families, former Heads of State and Government and the wives of Heads of State and Government, past or present, who have shown in their country or internationally, a high degree of commitment to causes advocated by FAO, and have decided to devote themselves to the fight hunger and poverty.

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The Dominican Republic attracts Venezuelan investors

Beauty Dominican Republic VThey study tourism and industrial sectors

BREAKING NEWS: A group of businessmen from Venezuela is studying the tourism and industrial sectors of the Dominican Republic in order to develop several investment projects that generate jobs and foster economic development of the nation

These contractors have met the Director of Investment Promotion and Development Ministry of TourismManuel Pacheco, who provided them explanations concerning the advantage of investing in the country’s tourism sector.

At this meeting, held in the lobby of the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), Rafael González Yanes, as spokesperson Venezuelan businessman, said: We have come from Caracas to explore the tourist and industrial sectors of the Dominican Republic, because we would like to develop an industry related to the automotive sector, another in the chemical field and on several other concerning household products.

He added that they were also interested in the financial and insurance sectors, as well as construction and aerospace.

Basically, these are the topics that we are working on now with the Dominican authorities, who shows us the goodness of this country, and we observe with great motivation, so I think that projects should be realized, said González Yanes.

He also said investment opportunities in Dominican Republic were positive.

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The Central Bank and the Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies realized a seminar

Seminar Central Bank V01About Bank Security

BREAKING NEWS: The Central Bank and the Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA), conducted the Fourth Meeting of Heads of Security of the Central Bank to take stock of the latest techniques, share and disseminate the means and systems used for the prevention of crime and the protection of persons and property, and in order to exchange experiences.

The opening of the seminar, held in the Salon American Lugo Auditorium of the Central Bank was made in the presence of the Deputy GovernorClarissa de la Rocha TorresSupervisorJosé Manuel Taveras LayChief of Internal SecurityEufemio Nicolás Peña Mancebo, and representatives of security of the Central Bank of Spain, the European Bank of Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Chile and the Philippines.

Dela Rocha Torres said it is necessary to protect the central bank against terrorism, money laundering, forgery of banknotes in circulation, transporting valuables, hackers and a variety of topics that need concern to us all.

She added that the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic is in collaboration with the Superintendence of Banks and monetary authorities.

They have established and implemented clear and firm standards for identification of unusual or suspicious transactions to money laundering, ensuring appropriate follow-up activity.

In this respect certain rules were dictated on the actual identification of customers, maintaining accounts, keeping records of transactions, the establishment of policies, of procedures and internal controls designed to prevent the development of activity in the area, said Vice-Governor.

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The Government will distribute 1,000 million pesos in Christmas baskets

Dominican Girl House V01For poor people

BREAKING NEWS: Five million of poor people will be able to enjoy Christmas baskets provided by the government this year, for an investment of one thousand million pesos.

It’s Emigdio Sosa, in charge of the Social Plan of the Presidency who made the announcement, stating that the distribution will begin in mid-December.

Emigdio SosaSecretary of State said that this year the authorities had invested more than two thousand million pesos for the poorest families. Each year, following the orders of President Leonel Fernández, we work to help these people.

The baskets will include 14 nutrients such as rice, potatoes, chicken, sweets and wine will be distributed through the Church or any other non-profit institutions.

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Leonel Fernández announced the construction of 22 000 houses

Houses Dominican Republic V01By 2012 and throughout the country

BREAKING NEWS: Neyba province Bahoruco.- President Leonel Fernández announced that by 2012 the government will build 22 000 houses across the country, particularly in the municipalities of the provinces of Bahoruco and Independencia.

The President made the statements in the seventh People’s Dialogue, attended by representatives of various sectors of the community.

Regarding the construction of the houses, the Head of State said that it will begin early next year.

He explained that the government had signed agreements with the Colombia Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoldex) who will lend 80 million dollars for the construction of 6,000 homes.

He added that a second agreement with the Andean Development Cooperation, for 80 million dollars will enable to build 7000 other additional homes and that a third agreement with the National Bank of Economic and Social Development of Brazil for 100 million had been signed.

Concerning the dam of Monte Grande, which was again requested by area residents at the People’s Dialogue, the first representative explained that the government felt concerned by this project because it will benefit the entire region.

President Fernandez has committed, through the Ministry of Public Works and the Board of Supervisors Engineers Structures of the State, to start within 15 days in the pavement of municipalities Bahoruco Province.

The Minister of Public HealthBautista Rojas Gómez, has meanwhile committed to start to operate the hospital Galván before the end of the year, a centre that will offer services including paediatrics and gynaecology.

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The Dominican Republic is seeking to increase its international air traffic

Airport Catey Dominican Republic V01Ordinary General Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association

BREAKING NEWS: Cartagena, Colombia.- The Dominican Republic, located in the middle of the two Americas, is an perfect area as a logistics centre of world airlines and air lane, according to statements by Dominican RepresentativeLuis RodríguezPresident of the Assembly of Dominican Civil Aviation.

Mr. Rodriguez spoke with 500 aviation, airport and airlines leaders at the 6th Annual Forum and Ordinary General Assembly of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), which was held in Cartagena, Colombia.

The representatives of the Dominican Republic explained that this country sought to expand its air traffic to the world, not just a tourist point of view, but also a transport of goods, taking advantage of its infrastructure comprises eight international airports.

He informed that the country’s air successes were due to the cooperation of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation, the airport and the Ministry of Tourism, which also promotes the Dominican Republic in global forums of commercial and private aviation.

The association has appointed its new executive committee composed of six members for the period 2009-2010.It’s Roberto KrieteChairman of the Group TACA, who will remain at the head of it.

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2000 million dollars in foreign investment this year

Golf Cap Cana V01According to the director of the Centre for Export of Dominican Republic

BREAKING NEWS: The Director of the Centre for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), Eddy Martinez, said that since the beginning of the year, the country had received an amount of around two thousand million dollars in foreign investment, despite the global economic crisis.

He explained that the sectors that attracted the most investment were those of mining, tourism, telecommunications and agriculture.

The diversification of the economy, promotion developed by President Leonel Fernández and the whole Government, and human resources make the country an attractive investment area, according to Mr. Martínez.

President Fernández is the perfect sponsor for the country, he inspires confidence when he is expressing himself and says that the country offers an adequate climate for investment, he speaks well in the economic language and used by investors, and speaks several languages, he said.

He also said that the promotion of the country was growing beyond the traditional nations, as it’s currently the case of Libya, Egypt, Israel, Korea, China, etc.…

On the export of agricultural products, Mr. Martinez said that although she had been slowed down this year because of the economic crisis, in recent months the trend was upward, with exports to HaitiEurope etc…

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The National Association of Hotels and Restaurants launches a new edition of its promotional program

Dance Dominican Republic V01Tourist Guide Dominican Republic Vacation Planner 2009

BREAKING NEWS: The National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores), with the support of the Ministry of Tourism has launched the new edition of the guide Dominican Republic Vacation Planner 2009.

This magazine is a promotional program which includes 120 000 copies published in Spanish, English, French and German.

Its content is distributed according to zones, and each section presents the best attractions in each of the tourist zones of the Dominican Republic.

The guide also includes a handy directory that provides readers information on services offered by hotels members ASONAHORES.

These guides are available to all offices of Tourism Promotion of the Dominican Republic located in 18 major cities emitting tourists to the country in the world: USA (New York, Miami, Chicago), Canada (Montreal, Toronto), England, Belgium, Sweden, France, Russia, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Austria, Czech Republic, etc.…

The Dominican Republic Vacation Planner is a tool to promote the country, and ASONAHORES is proud of it, and its reflects in every page the diversity of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Live30.10.09

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