The president of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic has addressed the rights and freedoms of this country at the UCLM

The president of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, Milton Ray Guevara, gave a lecture on “Fundamental rights under the prism of the Dominican Constitution”, during an event that took place in the main hall of the Melchor de Macanaz building with the participation of students of the Law Degree, mainly from the first two years.

Milton Ray has offered the vision of the Dominican Constitution, “which has enshrined a series of new fundamental rights, in its 2010 version”, as he pointed out, explaining that in it all the rights that are collected are fundamental. “In addition, guarantees have been established that did not exist in additional constitutions and an important step has been made, because we have incorporated civil and political, economic and social rights, sports, cultural and ecological rights, so that there is a wide range of rights that have their constitutional configuration and also the mechanisms to regulate the validity of them,” he said.

Likewise, the president of the Dominican Constitutional Court underlined the learning he has received from Spain in this matter, since the Dominican Constitution has a strong inspiration in the Spanish one, at the same time that he recalled the close historical collaboration that this Court maintains with the area of Constitutional Law of the UCLM, for which Ray Guevara received an acknowledgement from the academic institution.

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