Tourism Cabinet delivers Domingo Maíz road in Punta Cana

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated the reconstruction of Domingo Maíz road and its interconnection with Punta Cana Avenue, with an investment of more than 135 million pesos.

The work, a long-standing demand of the community, consisted in the reconstruction of 3.90 kilometers, divided into 2 sections with a variable width of Domingo Maíz street, from the city of Las Palmas to the north, up to the intersection of the Boulevard Turístico del Este (Higüey-Miches Highway).

This will have a great impact on traffic in the area, among others, the reduction of travel time from the Boulevard Turístico del Este to the Coral Highway, among others.

President Abinader highlighted the importance of the Land Management Law, which he defined as a fundamental plan for the sustainability of the country’s economic and social development.

He said that the law was one of the most important laws approved in the last four-year term, where he affirmed that work is being done so that the first Land Management plan can be executed in Verón.

“Tourism and development must continue to grow, but in an orderly manner”, he pointed out.

He called on the businessmen, inhabitants and legislators to work so that Verón is the first and that its fulfillment is a national example.

Meanwhile, Minister Collado highlighted the importance of the work and the positive impact it will have on the tourist province of La Altagracia.

“This work is another evidence of the clear vision of President Luis Abinader to continue strengthening the most important destination in the country, which receives most of the tourists who visit us,” he said.

The activity was attended by the president of the Association of Hotels of the East (Asoleste), Ernesto Veloz; Frank Elías Rainieri, CEO Puntacana Group; the provincial governor of Altagracia, Martina Pepén; Manolito Ramírez, mayor of Punta Cana, among others.

Details of the work

Domingo Maíz Street is an important traffic route that provides vehicular flow from the Coral Highway to the Eastern Tourist Boulevard, serving as an excellent alternative way to decongest traffic in Verón.

In addition to President Abinader and Minister Collado, the activity was attended by provincial and municipal authorities, as well as the main businessmen of the tourism sector of the Eastern region.

The reconstruction works were carried out by the Comité Ejecutor de Infraestructuras de Zonas Turísticas (Ceiztur), for a total amount of RD$135,643,208.

The work also included the construction of 14,500 square meters of sidewalks along the entire length of the road; 8,900 linear meters of curbs. It also includes scuppers and filters for the correct drainage of water and to guarantee the durability of the constructed road. It includes horizontal and vertical signage and lighting.

One section contemplates a total length of 1.90, with a road section with 2 lanes of circulation, with a width of 8 meters, while, the other has a total of 2.50 kilometers with a width of 10 meters.

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