Tourism inaugurates Veron-Bavaro beltway with RD$499 million investment

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated the reconstruction of the Verón-Bávaro ring road, a work that was carried out with an investment of 499 million pesos.

Abinader said that the work is a sign of the continuity of the State, in addition, he said that it enables the development with the saving of time, which streamlines transportation throughout the area and raises the quality of life of employees of the hotel complexes.

The president indicated that the government is going in the right direction, after assuring that with the recovery of tourism, the economy in general is recovering.

“Let’s work, because when tourists arrive, all the productive chains of the country move and this must be protected, because by improving the economy, jobs are created to reduce poverty”, he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Collado highlighted during his speech, the importance of the creation of the bypass for the strengthening of tourism development in the province of La Altagracia, an area that receives most of the tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

“This work is the greatest evidence of the effort made every day by President Luis Abinader, to ensure the full recovery of tourism. An industry that generates more than 500,000 direct jobs,” Collado said.

He also indicated that “this road is a guarantee for a more fluid mobility in this area and has a direct impact on its residents, because for us tourism has a human face”.

The road consists of a 9.26 kilometers long stretch of road, which goes from the area of El Guateque in Verón, to the Boulevard del Este in Bávaro, composed of two sections: the first with a length of 1,760 meters, and designed for a speed of 45 km per hour.

The second section is 7,480 meters long, with 4 lanes of 3.50 meters each, central island and designed for a speed of 60 km per hour. The entire road is also signposted.

The reconstruction of the beltway will reduce commuting time by up to 60 minutes, especially for people who work daily in the hotel sector; it will also reduce the route by 5 km, which is equivalent to an improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area.

The Verón-Bávaro beltway will allow to continue with the development of the urban and tourist plan of the area, avoiding the suburbanization of the surroundings, as well as the transfer of heavy vehicles in less time from Higüey.

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