Tourism investors value tax facilities and institutional security

Andrés Marranzini, executive vice president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES) said that the great attraction of the Dominican Republic for tourism investors is the quality of the local destination for investment, the fiscal facilities, the possibility of price agreements, in addition to the existence of a tourism development law that guarantees and favors their investment, and the institutional security offered by the Dominican Republic.

He explained that these are the reasons why we have so much direct private investment for the tourism area, although he also added that the country has authorities with sensitivity and knowledge of the tourism business, particularly a President of the Republic who has adopted opportune and quick decisions for the recovery of tourism in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

He explained that capital has a nose that can easily discover where it is more profitable and favorable to invest in the long term. The Dominican Republic is a leader in Caribbean tourism and competes with Mexico, which has always had a well-endowed Caribbean coast with extensive tourism development. “It is very good that we are competing with the Mexican Caribbean coast”, declared Andrés Marranzini.

He informed that the studies in the hands of ASONAHORES is that 70 percent of the tourists who come to the country repeat their visits, which means that the product is good and attracts those who come. And the other is that there are vacation clubs that tourists take advantage of by way of planning their vacations, and that brings them to the Dominican Republic.

Andrés Marranzini was interviewed by journalist Fausto Rosario Adames, in his program “¿Y tú…qué dices? which is broadcasted on AcentoTV channel every day at night.


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