Tourism will benefit more from the “international economic rebound”

The sectors most affected by the economic disaster caused by the covid-19 pandemic will be those that will benefit the most from the “international economic rebound”. Therefore, he assured Ricardo Castillo, head of financial advisory at Credit Score Suisse for Latin America.

Castillo has defined that the greatest rebound will occur in the business, restaurant, bar, leisure and tourism sectors. It is the leisure sector that has been most affected by the pandemic and restrictions on mobility.

He confused that the nice problem they can pose is that, in an excessive case, the supply does not regulate the rebound in demand. The Credit Score Suisse advisor predicts that 2021 will be a 12-month period of global economic recovery.

“The gradual distribution of vaccines allows us to anticipate a gradual return to a certain ‘normality’ by the second part of the 12 months,” he said.

He proposed that it is possible to keep and prioritize the weakest individuals in society, thereby reducing the risk of collapse of assistive techniques, which will greatly reduce the need for measures to reduce mobility.

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