Tourist route to be developed between Costa Rica, Panama and the DR

Panama’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Pablo Javier Pérez Campos, revealed that as a result of the agreements reached at the Alliance for Development in Democracy Summit held in December in Puerto Plata, between the presidents of Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, a tourist circuit will be developed between these nations with the aim of providing tourists with a special and innovative experience, thus generating a good commercial exchange.

The Panamanian ambassador highlighted the tourism potential of the three nations, as well as the opportunities for inclusive development to improve the quality of life of the people.

Perez Campos said that the creation of a tourist circuit or route between Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic will offer tourists a unique experience in which they can learn about the ecological, historical and natural wealth of the three countries.

“To make a circuit and exchange tourists and offer in addition to the country brand of the different countries, that a person coming from another continent or other regions and can visit the three countries and know what is the ecological offer offered by the Republic of Costa Rica, the offer of the logistics and shopping hub, the beaches that Panama also offers, and the excellent and beautiful beaches that the Dominican Republic has and other regions that can also be explored such as the countryside and mountains that this country can also offer to tourism and that can be a good exchange,” said the Panamanian ambassador when interviewed by journalist Moises Gonzalez Peña, during an interview with journalist Moises Gonzalez Peña.
by journalist Moisés González Peña, of the digital newspaper and YouTube channel Despiertarnacional.

“We are having a reciprocal dialogue, exchanging ideas and making a tourist circuit, where tourists can go to the three nations and share their experiences with us”,
he said.

Costa Rican, Panamanian and Dominican presidents call summit a success

Pablo Javier Campos said that the alliance between Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic seeks to promote a regional proposal to relaunch commercial, demographic and cultural ties between our countries and those of the region; promote economic growth within the framework of democracy, human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals; and support an agenda that generates synergies between countries and other strategic partners in the region, taking advantage of the process of reconfiguration of global supply chains and fostering the creation of conditions for the return of the production of goods and services to the region.

“The economies of Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic, together, can be considered the third largest economy in the region; we could be the third largest trading partner, the three countries united, with the United States, after Mexico and Brazil, we are talking about a political, social and economic alliance,
We are talking about a political, social and economic alliance, where there have already been rounds of businessmen where we are making great alliances in this sense.

The Panamanian ambassador described as successful the Summit Alliance for Development in Democracy in which the Heads of State of Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic participated, indicating that the Declaration of Puerto Plata signed on December 11, 2021 by the presidents of Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic welcomed the initiative to create a High Level Business Council (CEAN) between the private sector of the countries that form the Alliance for Development in Democracy. Their representatives signed a Framework Agreement establishing the principles that will govern the formation of this Council.

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