Two years into ProCompetencia’s administration, ProCompetencia highlights progress made

María Elena Vásquez Taveras, president of the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (ProCompetencia), highlighted the improvement processes achieved after two years of management, which she mentioned while speaking during the thanksgiving mass for the 16th anniversary of the institution, at the Catedral Primada de América.

The official highlighted the remarkable institutional strength and exhibited numerous achievements that have allowed the institution to advance in this process, strengthening the creation of a culture of free and fair competition, as well as raising awareness of the transcendental role it plays in Dominican society.


Vásquez cited the public administration monitoring system (Sismap), the national public contracting system (Siscompras), the Budget Management System (IGP), the General Budget Directorate (Digepres) and the General Directorate of Ethics and Government Integrity (Digeig).

Mr. Vásquez Taveras highlighted the activities that have been institutionalized for the promotion and awareness of competition law, among which he highlighted the Competition Law Yearbook, together with the essay contest “Writing for Competition” and “Competition Dialogues”.

He also mentioned that during his term of office, 28 advocacy reports have been issued after analyzing 188 draft bills related to the sector he represents.

Likewise, the approval of 5 methodological guides on relevant topics, such as the impact of state aid, determination and quantification of damages, as well as “screening” techniques in the detection of cartels.

He pointed out as one of the most significant achievements, having been selected by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), for the Peer Review, whose report and recommendations will be presented on January 22.

He stressed that thanks to patience and continuous work, more and more public authorities, economic agents and citizens as a whole understand the relevance of free competition and the transcendental role played by ProCompetencia for the economic development of the country, investment, productivity, job creation, quality of life of the people and that all this translates into the welfare of citizens.

“To achieve this purpose we have worked hard in institutional strengthening, which has allowed us to raise our rating in all government indexes that measure the efficiency of management within the institution,” he said during the mass officiated.

She asked congressmen to implement reforms

On the other hand, the president of ProCompetencia, asked God to enlighten the minds of the congressmen so that they can implement the reforms recommended in the “Peer Review” for the DR, so that the country can continue advancing in its institutional development and in the establishment of a genuine culture of free and fair competition.

As part of the anniversary activities, the president of the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (ProCompetencia), officials and collaborators laid a wreath before the Altar of the Homeland.

On that stage, in front of the heroes, the official declared that this entity is a great machine at the service of Dominican democracy, which is why each of its members must emulate the great men who forged the Dominican Republic and its legacy.

The activities were attended, in addition to Vasquez Taveras, by the other members of the Board of Directors: Gianna Franjul, Maria E. Holguín López, Francisco Manuel Pimentel and Keryma Marra M., the executive director, Fior D’Aliza Alduey, and the institution’s collaborators.


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