United States Ambassador Joins Campaign For Education

Raul Yzaguirre said that the country should give it priority

Raul Yzaguirre, the United States ambassador in the Dominican Republic, has announced his support for the campaign that is calling for the government to give priority to education, and at the same time he asked the Dominican society to deal with political patronage and the lack of transparency, as well as the electricity situation.

Yzaguirre, who was the guest speaker at the monthly American Chamber of Commerce luncheon event, spoke of The Dominican Republic in 2050, and he said that the country should give the greatest priority to education. He talked about how a good educational system was needed in the globalized economy in order to compete and be successful and how the nations that have not done this are suffering the consequences.

He said that those that invest (in education) today would progress in the future. Over the last two years there has been a growing focus on the issue of education by part of the public, which is demanding that the government give a higher priority to education. This civic movement has attracted the nation’s attention, and I applaud it, Yzaguirre told the audience at the American Chamber of Commerce.

Yzaguirre said that Dominican society should confront political patronage and the lack of transparency, as many Dominicans have lost faith in their institutions. He said that if the Dominican government does not enjoy the consistent trust of the people, it could not carry out the reforms that are needed in order to progress.

However, he applauded efforts by President Leonel Fernandez, the government, civil society and international aid groups, which are working through the Participatory Anti-Corruption Initiative. He said that this commitment should be expanded and work should continue.

He added that to achieve the Dominican Republic that we all want, the country must tackle its energy needs. Although analysts have been saying this for four decades, from now on more than words are needed, he said, after pointing out that his country together with other nations can help, but it is the Dominican people that will have to forge their destiny.

Ambassador Yzaguirre hopes for a Dominican Republic in 2050 that invests in its people and enjoys the benefits of an educational system and world class health services, where its citizens can walk the streets with confidence and where each child has access to a computer, more schools and classrooms, students with healthy breakfasts in order to concentrate on their teachers’ voices, and not on the complaints of their stomachs, where each purchase and contract is public and where the companies pay for the energy that they consume.

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