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You can live well on $2,000 per month in Las TerrenasLive Dominican Republic V02

Rock-bottom prices in the Dominican Republic have brought Caribbean island life, long considered the preserve of the wealthy, within reach of ordinary United States retirees, research by InternationalLiving.com has found.

The Dominican Republic, which boasts beaches on par with other countries in the region, the famous laid-back Caribbean lifestyle and weather that hovers around 80 F, is now attracting expats from both the U.S. and beyond.

While investigating the lifestyles expats are now enjoying in the region, InternationalLiving.com researchers met a couple living well on $2,000 per month in Las Terrenas – or just $66 per day.

The lifestyle we have in the Dominican Republic is incredible at the price, said Yana Beranek, who first arrived in the country with her husband Ed in 2009. And you could live here for even less.

Although the couple first came to the Dominican Republic in search of business opportunities, a combination of low prices and the lifestyle they witnessed prompted them to relocate.

In 2010 we packed our bags and moved to Las Terrenas on the northern coast of the island, Yana explained.

The couple discovered a well-established expat community already in place, and they soon settled in. Yana continued, Many of my friends meet in town for yoga each day. In addition to being a great way to stay fit, the classes are full of expats from different backgrounds.

They arrange ladies’ luncheons, men’s poker nights, ‘co-ed’ BBQs and are quick to include new arrivals in the fun.

As well as the way of life, the couple also pointed to the low cost of living and property-rental prices as other major draws: Rent, even at the beach, is much less than what you will pay for a similar property in the U.S., explains Yana.

At present, a two-bedroom house in a secure hilltop housing complex in Las Terrenas is on the market for $700 per month. This includes ocean views to the north and mountains to the south and east.

Expats have secured property rentals for less. Even those with budgets of between $400 and $500 a month have scooped up rentals on the beach, in the hills, and in the middle of town.

In the full version of How a Couple Can Live the Caribbean Island Dream for $66 a Day, an article which appears in the October issue of International Living magazine, Yana gives more details of the lifestyle she and her husband lead, the low prices they pay for the country’s exotic seafood and other fresh produce and a full dollar-by-dollar breakdown of the their expenses on a monthly basis.

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