United States Thanked Dominican Republic For The Help To Haiti

On anniversary of independenceHillary Clinton V03

BREAKING NEWS: United States Friday welcomed the generosity of the Dominican Republic with Haiti following the devastating earthquake, in a message congratulating the country on the anniversary of its independence.

Dominican Republic has played a leading role in rescue efforts and international reconstruction in Haiti, said a statement signed by United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton noted the speed with which the Dominican went with generosity and compassion to help the Haitians, with whom they share the island, a valiant effort saved many lives.

We appreciate the continued commitment and leadership of Dominican Republic, said Secretary of State. Clinton hailed the contributions of the heritage of the Dominican people to culture and prosperity of America, she said on Saturday 27th, on the occasion of 166 years of Dominican independence.

Our countries are linked by history, values and shared hopes for the future, said Clinton.

Both work as partners to promote security and regional stability and strengthen democracy in the Americas added.

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Dominican Republic among the countries best positioned in the region for trade

According to the Logistics Performance Index, World Economic Forum

BREAKING NEWS: The Logistics Performance Index (LDI), of the World Economic Forum (WEF, its initials in English) shows that Dominican Republic is located in the Group of Seven countries of the region best positioned Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of perception on facilities for trade logistics.

In the past three years the country has made significant progress in logistics performance, charting at number 65 among 155 countries with a score of 2.82 improved performances in the logistics, well above the average for the region Latin America and the Caribbean, which has 2.74 points and our competitors in the Central American sub region with 2.80 points.

The information was given by Minister of Economy, Planning and Development of the Republic, Juan Temistocles Montas, as part of the keynote, Infrastructure and facilitation of competitiveness for the development of a country best: focusing the national development strategy and the opening ceremony of the Fourth Course on Port Management held in the morning in the auditorium of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode).

He specified that walk better than average in customs, international deliveries, ease of monitoring and punctuality.

Themistocles Montas explained that the points made in logistics Perceptions Index, the country is in the group of seven countries of the region best positioned Latin America and the Caribbean, behind only Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica, which shows that improved conditions and integration into global trade.

This keynote address delivered by Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Inter-American Commission of Ports (CIP) of the Organization of American States (OAS), The Funglode, the Presidential Nightgown for Modernization and Port Security (CPMSP), the General Customs Directorate (DGA), the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce opened left IV Course on Port Management.

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European Union Commissioner will visit the country

Kristalina Georgieva V01To discuss details of the Action Plan to rebuild neighboring Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: An important official of the European Union (EU) will arrive on Wednesday to Santo Domingo to discuss with the Minister of Economy, Planning and Development Temistocles Montas, about the details of the Action Plan for the remaking of neighboring Haiti.

Kristalina Georgieva, Commissioner of the European Union and head of International Cooperation, will arrive in the afternoon on a private flight to the international airport Higuero on the outskirts of the capital, from Port au Prince, Haiti.

In the evening she will have a meeting with the Minister for Economy in the National Palace and then both will offer a press conference with representatives of national and foreign media, according to the Communications Unit of the unit.

Mr. Montas is responsible for coordinating the Dominican technical team that works with Haitian authorities on the Action Plan to be presented to donor countries at the Summit to be held on 16 and 17 of this month in Santo Domingo.

The EU Commissioner in Port au Prince was observing the damage caused by the earthquake of January 12 and evaluated with the Haitian authorities to aid the European Union has allocated for rebuilding the devastated country.

At 6:00 pm, Georgieva hold another meeting with the Humanitarian Coordinator, United Nations, and the UN building in this capital.

At 7:00 pm will attend a meeting with the Emergency Commission, Civil Society Platform for Humanitarian Aid for Haiti and United Nations in the European Union headquarters. Earlier on Wednesday will leave the country within hours of the night.

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Dominican Republic will host the international conference of donor countries

Temistocles Montas Kristalina Georgieva V01To assess damage in Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: The Dominican Republic will host the international conference for donors countries to assess the economic consequences of earthquake in the neighboring nation of Haiti last January the 12th this year, causing over 200 thousand deaths and extensive material damage to the infrastructure of that country.

According to information, the conference will be held March the 16th and March the 17th and will be the basis for the United Nations meeting on March the 31st in New York, where donors are expected to make specific commitments for Haiti reconstruction.

The information was provided by Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Juan Temístocles Montás, during a press conference held in the lounge Orlando Martinez of the National Palace, accompanied by Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, International Cooperation and Crisis Response, who visited the Dominican Republic after his stint in Haiti, where he has been for several days watching the situation with the Haitian authorities to organize the assistance of the European Union.

Montas is commissioned by the Dominican government to work with Haitian authorities, in developing an action plan for the reconstruction of Haiti.
He reported that Kristalina Georgieva has been meeting with the Dominican authorities, viewing cooperation mechanisms between the European Union and the Dominican Republic.

Juan Temistocles Montas said he was happy with the presence of an official of the European Union, and in that sense given the warmest welcome on behalf of the Dominican government.

For his part, Kristalina Georgieva said the European Union has mobilized more than 600 million euros, 30 billion pesos, to date, to meet the most urgent needs of Haiti, especially in relation to the hostel, health and healthcare.

The Commissioner thanked and congratulated President Leonel Fernández, the Dominican government and people for their quick reaction, generous, efficient and solidarity against the Haitian tragedy.

He added that the European Union understands that the disaster in Haiti has strong implications for the Dominican Republic, which will have a key role in reconstruction process.

He expressed the commitment of the European Union is to continue working with Haitian and Dominican authorities to help the Haitian people to get off the blow, and the Dominican people to continue to assist Haiti.

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Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization will visit the Dominican Republic

Irina Bokova V01First trip to Latin America

BREAKING NEWS: The Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova will pay an official visit from next Monday, 8, said Culture Minister and Chairman of the Dominican Commission of UNESCO, Jose Rafael Lantigua.

The highest official of UNESCO will arrive to the country on the Las Americas International Airport on Monday at 7:50 pm, flying with Air France from Paris, and will be received on behalf of the Government of Lantigua, the Minister of Education, Melanio Paredes, and Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Ligia Amada Melo de Cardona.

Mrs. Bokova will visit on Tuesday the 9th the city of Puerto Principe, in order to assess the damage caused by the earthquake of January the 12th Haitian cultural infrastructures, especially its architectural heritage.

On the 10th, within hours of the night, she will be welcomed by the Minister of Culture, and on Thursday the 11th, at 11 am, she will conduct a tour of the Colonial City. In the afternoon she will visit the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE), with whom the institution has a partnership agreement. Bokova will leave the country that night to Paris.

This is the first trip to Latin America, making the new Director General of UNESCO, who took office last January to replace the Japanese Koichiro Maatsura.

Irina Georgieva is a Bulgarian political Bokova former communist militant and a member of their parliament for two terms. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador of Bulgaria in France he and Monaco. On the 22nd September 2009 was elected Director-General of UNESCO, the first woman and first person from Eastern Europe to carry on this post.

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President Leonel Fernández returned from his trip to Guatemala and Colombia

Colombia President Alvaro Uribe V02Colombia thanked the Dominican president for mediating in conflict with Venezuela

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández returned to the country this Saturday night from Colombia, where he travelled from Guatemala after attending a meeting of presidents of Central America and Dominican Republic with U.S. Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

Fernández arrived at 9:20 pm, on a private flight to the International Airport of Las Americas, after spending two days outside the country.

In Colombia, President Fernández spoke with his Colombian counterpart, Álvaro Uribe, in his capacity as mediator in the conflict between Argentina and Venezuela, whose mission was entrusted in the Rio Group Summit when met in Cancun, Mexico, on Monday February the 22nd.

Also, the president met with the governor, William Villavizar Laguado, and entrepreneurs and commercial sectors of the border town of Cucuta, capital of Santander province in Colombia, affected by tensions between Colombia and Venezuela.

All our gratitude to President Leonel Fernández of the selfless task, says the article published on the website of the Press Office of the Republic of Colombia to refer to the statement by the president of that nation, Álvaro Uribe, President Leonel Fernández after his visit to that country to mediate in the conflict to argue that nation and Venezuela.

Last night we received in the presidency to President Leonel Fernández of the Dominican Republic, who is making on behalf of the Rio Group, a task that we respect very much, and we place great faith, he said.

He further stated: I want, from Santa Marta, express our gratitude to President Leonel Fernández of the Dominican Republic, for the selfless task. To convey to him a greeting, and a greeting full of affection for the Dominican people brother.

Moreover, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cucuta, capital of Norte de Santander department, Colombia, Pedro Sayago, pleased by his visit the Dominican head of state to that city, said that Fernández will be the blancotirador the process, it has taken thus has very clear vision of what should be done in the border zone, has understood and will be a great manager to agree Colombo-Venezuelan integration, allows us to recover the entire process on both sides of each country, he said.

During Friday night and Saturday, Fernández held meetings with President Álvaro Uribe and other Colombian officials, including the Colombian-Venezuelan border area to see first hand the details of the consequences has led to the suspension of trade between both nations.

This Monday, March the 8th, President Fernández is scheduled to meet at the National Palace, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, to discuss about relations between Colombia and Venezuela, thus fulfilling the mission assigned to the Summit of the Group Rio, held in Mexico.

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Merit Medal for Women 2010

Leonel Fernandez Award Woman V01In the presence of President Leonel Fernández

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández honored on Monday 10 outstanding women with the Medal of Merit of Women for their contributions to national development in various areas, an event that is part of the celebration of International Women’s Day.

The room  Las Cariatides was the scene where the head of state gave the medals to outstanding female contributors to the aggrandizement of the country in educational lines, sports, political, community, business, science and technology, arts and professional work.

Fernández awarded these women through the Ministry of Women : Quidiello Teresa Castillo, in education, Giovanny Sibilia, in sports, Lesbia Recio, in politics, Levy Ellen Koenig, in science and technology, Jane Frances Campusano, in the professional area, while Gladys Perez received the distinction in art and Flor Taveras and Juana Lomi in community work.

Others recognized at the event, which was also attended by Vice President Rafael Alburquerque, and Minister of the Presidency, Cesar Pina, were Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, director of the Population Fund, United Nations, and Mirta Roses , director of the Population Fund United Nations.

Minister for Women, Alejandrina German recognized exemplify the courage, dedication, honesty, patriotism and professionalism, what makes humans unique.

He also highlighted that the government of President Leonel Fernández works to ensure equal opportunities for men and women, highlighting the main test the new Constitution of the Republic, where momentous achievements recorded in terms of gender equality.

He said that 65 percent of Social Solidarity programs running the government sector are aimed at women, while it decreased from 28.5% to 22% of female unemployment rate.

He said through the Ministry of Labor strongly promotes gender equality in the Dominican labor market, while in politics women participate with equal footing.

The words of appreciation were given by the lyrical singing teacher, Gladys Perez, who said the task of being a woman in this society is not easy, since they have to struggle in traditional spaces intended for men.

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Ex Minister of Women highlighted the benefit of for Women in New Constitution

It forces the state to prevent and combat discriminationDominican Woman V07

BREAKING NEWS: Former Secretary of Women and advisor to the Executive Branch, Gladys Gutierrez thanked President Leonel Fernández and the National Assembly for their work so that today the Dominicans have a new constitution, which she described as modern and full of guarantees.

Gutierrez gave special thanks in regard to article 39, which states the state for the establishment of legal and administrative conditions that promote real and effective equality between women and men. It forces the state to take action to prevent and combat discrimination, marginalization, vulnerability and exclusion.

Add to this article provides expressly that the State shall promote the necessary measures to ensure the eradication of inequalities and gender discrimination, promoting and ensuring the balanced participation of women and men as candidates for elected office, instances of leadership and decision making in the public realm, the administration of justice and state control agencies.

The official described as a social revolution these gains. It is an undeniable and immense success in the recognition of women’s rights, she said. She added that they are not a prize but a fruit of the diligent efforts of many people, and especially many women that have been proposed to move forward and participate.

The advice of the Executive Branch understands that this constitution is an opportunity that can not lose to require the development of gender budgeting, so that each government institution is required to take into account different needs and rights of women.

She urged women to join, considering that together are stronger. Let us have the ability to recognize the opportunities provided by this Constitution, grasp it fully.

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Dominican Republic in International Tourism Fair ITB-2010

Dominican Republic Berlin Tourism Fair V01Dominican Stand exhibits crafts and tourist novelties

BREAKING NEWS: The more than 400 square meters which has this year the Dominican Republic stand in the International Tourism Fair (ITB-2010), are being exploited to the maximum, so that the country exhibits, besides possessing tourist developments, a sample of high quality craftsmanship and color.

During the first day of ITB-2010Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia, talked with craft exhibitors, who welcomed the major shows presented in this tourism fair.

The Ballet Folklorico of the Tourism Ministry, headed by Professor Oscar Batista, journalists and has delighted visitors with their colorful displays of clothing and merengue.
He said that culture is one of the leading exponents of the diversity of Dominican Republic, as well as the line of agriculture.

The artisan Juan Puello, exposed wood manufactures, which has led to the visit of hundreds of professionals and journalists interested in the Dominican art.
Meanwhile, Henry Crisostomo, displays the beautiful dolls faceless symbol of handicrafts made of clay, pure Dominican.

While Melvin Marte, introduces visitors to the stand the Dominican, colorful carnival masks are designed in his studio craft and enjoy both the international visitor.
Luis Rodríguez, representative of the National Institute of Tobacco (Intabaco), delighting those present giving a demonstration of how it develops a Dominican tobacco and talk about the quality of their leaves and the defendant product internationally.

Also, Carol Felix, from Sendero de Cacao which Risek group promotes, displays the Dominican cocoa from the cob, to final product, the rich hot cocoa beverage.

These samples craft and agro-tourism add to the colorful booth displaying the Dominican, and the presence of important economic sector entrepreneurs Dominican.
In the stand Dominican involving 24 companies based in the country, such as commercial banks, Scotiabank Popular Dominicano and hotel companies Amhsa Marina, Atlantic Balconies, Barceló, Caribean Nexus Tour, Casa de Campo, Club Caribe, Coral Hospitality Corp ., Don Juan Beach Resort, Ola Tour & Travel, Hotel & Destination Services BED Acomodation, Oasis Hotel, Hotetur Blue Bay Villas Bavaro Ifas, Majestic Resort, Moon Palace Casino, Golf & Spa Resort, Punta Cana Resort, Tropical Club, NH Hotels & Resort, VIK Hotels Groups, VIP Travel Services, Living and Traveling Whimdam Style.

The president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (Asonahores), Haydee Kuret de Rainieri also participates to the event.

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President Leonel Fernández receives Irina Bokova

Irina Bokova Leonel Fernandez V01Director of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture Organization

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández received on Thursday at his office at the National Palace to the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, with whom he discussed cooperation between the agency and the Dominican Republic, as well as the reconstruction of the Haitian people.

When leaving the office of president, Bokova explained that this was an official visit after spending two days in Haiti.

She stressed that President Fernández, who is a friend of UNESCO and a personal friend, discussed many issues, of course the reconstruction of Haiti, the important role of the Dominican Republic and various projects in the sphere of education, higher education .

UNESCO director said he was very pleased with the work of Fernández for the country to play a big role against the situation in Haiti which was devastated after the earthquake on January the 12th.

We also talked about the meeting on march the 15th and the 16th will be a very important meeting to prepare for the meeting in New York on the future of Haiti and the long-term reconstruction, said Bokova.

Similarly talked about the idea of convening a summit on June the 2nd in the Dominican Republic, and then give all the efforts of the international community for the reconstruction of Haiti. She said that Fernández was invited to this event.

She said the institution he heads is very involved in rebuilding the education system in Haiti, has launched a post-trauma for journalists and another that deals with socio-psychological support to teachers, among other projects.

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Meeting between Governor of the Central Bank, the French Ambassador and representatives of Dominican Republic-FranceChamber of Commerce

Dominican French Chamber-commerce Central Bank V01In relation to the Dominican economy at the end of 2009 and the outlook for 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Central Bank governor Hector Valdez Albizu, met with the Ambassador of France and the Direction Boardof the Dominican Republic-France Chamber of Commerce, which dealt in detail the most relevant results achieved by the Dominican economy at the end of 2009 and the prospects for 2010.

The meeting emphasized the important economic revival occurred in the last quarter of 2009, following the surge in bank lending by the relaxation of monetary policy which made drastic reductions in interest rates and the announcement of the agreement with IMF which leads to higher external disbursements.

These proactive monetary measures helped to that conclusion last year with growth of 3.5% of GDP, an inflation rate of 5.76% and the relative stability of the exchange rate.

Regarding the external sector performance, it was noted the significant increase in international reserves of the Central Bank, reaching historic record which far exceeded the target agreed with the IMF, the drastic fall in the current account of the Balance of Payments in relation to GDP, and the results experienced by exports, tourism, remittances and foreign investment, which despite the adverse external environment, were substantially better than expected.

Regarding the economic outlook for this year, in the context of improvements that have been forecast for global growth, were presented the recent estimates of key macroeconomic variables of the country contained in the monetary program, as part of the first review under the Agreement with the IMF.

The Ambassador of France in the country highlighted the increase for domestic exports to the country, mainly in organic agricultural products, expanding significantly the trade between both nations.

It also highlighted the significant French investment that already exists in the Dominican Republic, leaving the interest shown to expand and strengthen trade relations and bilateral business.

Mr. Jaime Bonetti acknowledged the leading role played by the Monetary Policy to overcome the global crisis and get financial results presented.

After the meeting, Valdez Albizu ratified the commitment of monetary authorities to ensure the control of inflation and macroeconomic stability so as to preserve an environment of certainty for operators and foreign investment.

Participants at the meeting were Roland Dubertrand, Ambassador of France, Jean Marc Harion, Felix Garcia, Doina De Campos, Bernard Hugeux, Richard Beauvais, Jaime Bonetti, Jean Le Priellec, Juan Tavarez, Manuel Tavarez, Nicholas Kergal, Henri and Patrick Hebrard Lebrun.

Accompanied by the Central Bank governor Deputy Governor Valdez Albizu Clarissa de la Rocha de Torres, manager Pedro Silverio, economic adviser Olga Diaz and other members of the technical staff of the entity.

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The International Tourism Organization referred to Dominican Republic

Tourism Dominican Republic V10For good management in tourism

BREAKING NEWS: Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia, said that Dominican Republic is taken as reference in the International Tourism Organization (OIT) on the positive results and how it has handled the tourism sector amid the global economic crisis that has affected the row of the economy in most parts of the world.

Tourism Minister explained that the Caribbean country was one of the few in the world that profit in tourism businesses and projects a steadily increasing volume of tourists who come to different poles.

Garcia stressed that from September 2009 to February this year has seen an impressive growth in tourist arrivals from Spain, France, Canada and the United States, as well as Central and South America, which he attributed to an efficient policy promotion of the country.

It said that since the United States, despite the economic crisis, the country earned 13.23 percent increase in U.S. tourist arrivals in January, from Spain 1.7 percent, 31.27 percent of Central and South America 65 percent.

He highlighted that DR is one of the countries that receive more direct investment in tourism projects, with a portfolio of 63 new projects underway estimated at over 14 billion dollars to run short, medium and long term in different regions.

As for the ITB event involving 180 countries and there are about 12 thousand exhibitors, Dominican Republic has managed to exceed the expectations of business through meetings with important tour operators and airline executives from Germany, Canada and other countries.

We will have good results this year, by the enthusiastic participation of companies that invest in our country. The airline Condor is positive news for the Dominican Republic in 2010 on tourism. We have achieved 100 per cent of our goals at ITB, said Garcia.

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Report is presented at Donors’ Conference for Haiti

Haiti needs about 11,500 million dollars in financial assistanceRefugees Camp Haiti V01

BREAKING NEWS: The deaths of the earthquake in Haiti amounted to 222 570 people, and the total damages to $ 7,754,3 millions, according to a report released Tuesday on assessment of damages, losses and general and sectoral needs.

The paper presented at the conference preparatory meeting in ethnic Hotel Santo Domingo, was prepared by the Government of Haiti, with support from the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), the Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, System United Nations and the European Union.

At the conference, representatives of the Haitian government estimated, however, 11,500 million dollars in the amount of financial assistance the country needs for reconstruction and development take-off and according to Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive could be coordinated through a multi-donor fund.

On the population there were 869 missing, 928 310 wounded, 1.5 million people affected, 1.3 million 724 thousand in shelters and 766 000 displaced, and infrastructure damage for US $ 520.6 million.

The document was submitted to the Conference by Ricardo Zapata-Marti, regional adviser on disasters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), of the United Nations system.

Following the earthquake, and regardless of the reconstruction effort is estimated in the report that extreme poverty returned to the levels of 71% recorded in 2001, and the moderate 50%.

The evaluation found that the impact of the earthquake on Jan. 12, U.S. $ 7754.3 is almost six times the amount of accumulated disaster in Haiti from 2004 to date.

This accumulation refers to the effects of Hurricane Jeanne in September 2004, rains from Hurricane Dean and Tropical Storm Noel, between August and October 2007, and hurricanes Hanna, Ike and Gustav, in 2008.

The composition of the damages and losses and sub-sectors reveals that social development was US $ 500.6 million, U.S. $ 933.3 million Production and Infrastructure US $ 520.6 millions.

To remedy the situation, the Haitian Government suggested the contribution of U.S. $ 11.500 million.

In regional development, the report states that Port au Prince, the capital, where most damage is concentrated; there is an excessive concentration of 65% of the country’s economic activity.

She also reports a lack of economic opportunity among other departments or provinces that the quake situation may change determining that a new population distribution can create the opportunity to move to the new poles of growth.

In this regard the Disaster Assessment Program advised to encourage displaced people to settle around the new poles of growth through support for reconstruction.

Finally, the report suggests, for the future, to rethink the governance of Haiti, in order to regain the trust of citizens and ensure the collective welfare is based on improving the individuals.

These are monumental tasks for which they will require not only sustained cooperation with Haiti, but the coordination of support operations worldwide, within whose keynote is framed this event, he said, according to the Communications Unit of the Ministry Economy Temistocles Montas.

He recalled that the Dominican Republic is not a passive actor in front of the Haitian tragedy, as the Dominican Government is committed to participate actively and diligently as a moral and strategic imperative to the extent that we are the neighbor who shares more directly the development aspirations of the Haitian people.

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A fund of U.S. $ 3.800 million for Haiti is approved

Preparatory Technical Conference Haiti V01Declaration of the Preparatory Technical Conference for Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: Donor countries and multilateral agencies on Wednesday approved a fund of U.S. $ 3.800 million to be disbursed to the government of Haiti in a period of 18 months for the reconstruction of areas affected by the earthquake of January the 12th.

In a declaration read at the end of the Preparatory Technical Conference in session for two days in a hotel in Santo Domingo, was also approved to allocate a budget aid to Haiti for the rest of this year for $ 350 millions.

The statement, which notes the decision of the government and the private sector of the Dominican Republic to donate to Haiti a university with capacity to accommodate 10,000 students, was read by Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Themistocles Montás in presence of the Prime Minister of Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive.

Decisions have to be endorsed by the UN World Summit to take place in New York this month on March the 31st in which the international community will decide the amount of resources given to Haiti for the establishment of a multi-donor fund that will be used in the reconstruction and future development of the country.

View the Declaration of Preparatory Technical Conference for Haiti

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President Leonel Fernandez receives director of the Organization of the United Nations for Food and Agriculture

Jacques Diouf congratulates the Dominican agricultural sector Jacques Diouf Dominican Republic V01for its progress

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández received on Thursday at his office at the National Palace to the director general of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Jacques Diouf, who deplored that food insecurity in Haiti, is over 50 percent, after the earthquake that devastated the nation on January the 12th.

Diouf made the statement at a press conference held at the Orlando Martinez Salon, at the Government House, following the meeting with Leonel Fernández, which lasted for about an hour.

The (FAO) Director thanked President Fernandez’s hosting for making his official visit to the Dominican Republic on the occasion to support the Haitian government of the neighboring country after the catastrophe which recently suffered.

He also thanked the president, the government and the Dominican people for all the support he has done to Haiti immediately, particularly in the sectors of agriculture, almost all the actions taken by (FAO) were provided by the government of the Dominican Republic.

(FAO) highlighted that bought to the Dominican Republic thousand 500 tons of seed used in Haiti in the campaign of planting short-cycle agricultural items, which takes place during March and April.

Other actions provided by the (FAO) country to Haiti was the rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage to save crops that are made in this period in this nation also the availability of access roads to ports and airports under the damages suffered by the Haitian infrastructure.

Diouf said the governing body works mainly to raise awareness of the urgency that is on the emergency program of Agriculture, which has a cost of about $ 70 million, of which only have 20 per cent of the resources, failing to receive 80 percent.

In this regard, he stressed that the (FAO) also supports the agriculture program in the medium and long term, which has an estimated cost of $ 800 million.

Similarly, adding that cooperation in reforestation projects, environment and combating climate change.


The Agriculture Minister Salvador (Chios) Jimenez, said the Dominican Republic has about 45 metric tons of rice available to the Food Program for Haiti, following the tragedy suffered by the neighboring country afterthe earthquake.

He said the country can cover the marketing of this product We have about 45 thousand metric tons that we have made available to the Food Program which can be taken as a reference the Dominican Republic to meet the needs of our neighbor country of Haiti said the official.

Jacques Diouf for his part congratulated the Agriculture Minister Salvador Jimenez for all the progress of the agricultural sector, whose growth last year was 12.6 percent. And that was one element of the increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), said (FAO) director.

He highlighted that the First Lady of the Dominican Republic, Margarita Cedeño de Fernandez, who is Ambassador of (FAO) is also supporting specific actions for women and children.

He announced that she has the intentions of preparing a big event in the country, on the occasion of International Food Day.

Diouf arrived at the National Palace, accompanied by Agriculture Minister Salvador (Chios) Jimenez, the (FAO) representative in the country, Deep Ford and his assistant, Hector Mata, likewise, the Deputy Minister of Planning of Agriculture, Pedro Pablo Peña and assistant Minister Hector Acosta.

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Dominican Government gives two mobile kitchens to Haiti

Mobile Kitchens Haiti V02In presence of the First Lady Margarita Cedeño

BREAKING NEWS: Extraordinary Ambassador of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), first lady Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, accompanied by the general director of that institution, Jacques Diouf, presented two mobile kitchens to the Minister of Agriculture of Haiti Joannas Gué, which ensures the provision of thousands of meals daily rations for Haitian brothers.

Dr Cedeño de Fernández stated that with the delivery of these units, the Dominican government is working with the food security of urban and rural communities in Haiti who are in extreme poverty, lack and scarcity of food.

These units have a capacity to produce 2,000 servings per hour and ensure healthy and safe food. These were delivered to staff working in the National School Canteens, who was in charge of distributing the food in schools occur before the earthquake of January the 12th.

As First Lady I am pleased to support the Haitian government and brothers on behalf of President Fernandez to continue our work of solidarity. Haiti has its challenges in the area of agriculture that we also expect the international community so they can recover their agriculture, their production and revive the agricultural sector, said the extraordinary Ambassador of the FAO.

From his part, Director of Economic restaurants, Nicolas Calderon revealed that the Dominican government’s investment in the two units that today gave the First Lady of the Republic is 12.4 million pesos.

Minister of Agriculture of Haiti, Joanna Gue, thanked the First Lady for the government and dominican people for the donation of modern units, because after January the 12th, Dominican people have expressed their solidarity with Haitian people claiming support is manifested through other programs that are adapted to current needs.

I guarantee to First Lady, President Fernandez and the Dominican people that we are going to make good use of this material, we will continue using it for the benefit of the poorest, and that’s going to be in coordination with the actors are supporting us to ensure minimum food security for the Haitian people said Joannas Gue.

The mobile kitchens are an initiative of the Dominican Government and its construction was responsible for Worldwide Trailer Sales Company of America. Each unit is constructed of stainless steel and has a dimension of 32 feet by 8.5 feet wide with rear stabilizers. Each truck has a truck 16 feet square that is used as a trailer for the mobile kitchens and stores the food to be cooked.

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Dominican Republic will participate in the International Real Estate Exhibition in Madrid, SIMA 2010

Fair Sima Madrid V01World real estate meeting

BREAKING NEWS: Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia has announced that Dominican Republic is on an offensive to support the international promotion of tourism real estate, so that secured their participation in International Real Estate Exhibition Fair in Madrid, SIMA 2010.

The tour operator has stated that for the first time the country will have a stand at the event supporting the Dominican business exploiting the resource of strength ’country brand which will be enhanced.

The days when our entrepreneurs and real estate projects went alone to this type of event are in the past, this Ministry, representing the Dominican government, will be supporting with all their means and even develop a marketing plan in their favor, said the minister.

Garcia reported that the tourism real estate developers will have a stand to promote their businesses and initiatives as well as the big hotels chains.
This stand is an excellent platform or to find co-investors for their projects or to place their properties for sale at good market of end users who will attend this important meeting of international business.

In that sense, he stated that For dominicans developers who decide to attend the call made by the Ministry of Tourism, this show guarantees the deployment of a national and international advertising campaign and unparalleled coverage, with occasional special exhibition in major newspapers and television coverage and radio, standing as an extensive presence in major real estate portals and other advertising media online.

It has also pointed out that in addition to the Tourism Property Developer, this fair also applies for hotel chains, investment and mortgage banking, insurance, advisors and professionals with an impact in this sector.

SIMA will be open from the 20th to the 23rd May this year, this event whose significance is positioned between the public and the meeting place of the real estate supply, last year was attended by more than 63 thousand people.

Dominican Republic Live, 23.03.10

Haitian Conference of Simulation of the United Nations

Dominican President says he will make the international communityConference Simhanu 2010 V01 support Haiti

BREAKING NEWS: President Leonel Fernández on Tuesday led the closing of the third version of the Haitian Conference of Simulation of the United Nations (SIMHANU 2010) in which he said will make both the international community and the Dominican Republicsupport Haiti in the process of transformation required by that nation.

In that sense, then put as an example of overcoming the governor of Canada, of Haitian origin, said this development opportunity and improvement may also have the youth of the neighboring country.

You will have this opportunity, because we will make the international community, including the Dominican Republic, support the process of re-founding of the Republic of Haiti in the XXI century, said the president.

He felt that both nations will work together, walking forward with determination and faith, knowing that they will not always be easy and that hard times persist.

After receiving the decision of this conference, consisting of 25 proposals, the President of the Republic reiterated its commitment to build a university in Haiti and announced that it is already developing the design for the construction of that academic building.

This tragedy has occurred, provides a great opportunity to transform Haiti and really what they do, who account for the historical task of making a modern country of Haiti, a dignified country, a country of the twentieth century, are you, ambassadors of the United Nations and I know he will do, because they have the intelligence, talent and the will to do it, Fernandez said when addressing young Haitians.

On several occasions I have spoken here in the Dominican Republic, the impact it has had the Model UN, I see it as a revolution in education, is a different way to learn about global issues, breaks with the traditional pattern of university or school where a teacher transmits information hierarchically students, here is given differently in a permanent interaction on the various participants, who are obliged to investigate, with regard to international problems, highlighted.

He also mentions that from this time the Haitian delegates participating in this session of the UN simulation will be agents of transformation and change for Haiti and around the world.

The Dominican President received a plaque of appreciation for your solidarity with the Haitian people, from the first moment when the tragedy happened, which was given by the Haitian ambassador Fritz Cineas and general secretary of the SIMHANU 2010, Jeff Emmanuel Fleuridort.

During the ceremony, held in the auditorium of the Club Mauricio Baez, spoke Haitian ambassador Fritz Cineas, and the secretary general of the Haitian Conference of the United Nations Simulation (SIMHANU 2010), who said that only education can bring that nation into development.

It is time to define the future of the nation and build a new state, we must establish the Haitian State, stated Jeff Emmanuel Fleuridort, while he said is the best opportunity to raise awareness about the situation in Haiti.

Also involved, the coordinator of the United Nations system in the Dominican Republic, Valerie Julliand, Phenil Gordon Désir, Dieudonnée Fardin, Delia Blanco, Pilar Sandoval.

The activity was developed in the country, given the disaster situation in which there are several facilities in Haiti and was supported, in addition to the United Nations, by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development.

Dominican Republic Live, 24.03.10

Dominican Republic produces more than 80 percent of its population food demands

Field Rice Dominican Republic V01According to Food and Agriculture Organization

BREAKING NEWS: The United Nations Fund for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), noted that the Dominican Republic produces more than 80 percent of residents demanding food, more than a million Haitians and three million tourists who visit the country every year.

Jacques Diouf, FAO director general, praised the potential of the agricultural sector in the Dominican Republic in terms of employment generation and food production.
Diouf said the Dominican agricultural sector contributes effectively to meet the nutritional needs of the population and generates about 11 percent of the foreign currency received by the country.

He highlighted that during the period January-September 2009, the value added of the agricultural sector recorded a growth of 14.6 percent, showing a remarkable recovery in production volumes.

Diouf said the Dominican agricultural sector plays an important role in food security in the country, indicates a note from the Department of Information and Public Relations of Agriculture.

Minister Salvador-Chio-Jiménez, arranged a shipment to Haiti of a fleet of tractors, with their respective operators for the clearing of more than 6 thousand hectares taking advantage of the planting season in April. He also sent planting material, agricultural inputs and technical.

The national agricultural sector is the main contributor of raw materials for agro-industry and creates significant cross-links that impact positively on employment generation and income in other sectors of the economy, said Diouf.

He said that agriculture in the Dominican Republic has significant challenges as preparing to cope with natural disasters or improvement of water management.

He explained that it strives to develop an expansion plan from the province to the Northwest Regional Bahoruco, in an extension of the approach to give new emphasis to nutrition education, strengthening capacity and institutional building in food and nutrition security through interagency partnerships.

Diouf said to have the support of the Dominican government and the First Lady Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, Extraordinary Ambassador of FAO, who already works with the organization in various initiatives to eradicate hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean, and particularly so Haiti and Dominican Republic.

He announced the implementation of a program to medium and long term recovery of the agricultural sector in Haiti, which requires an investment of 800 million U.S. dollars.

Dominican Republic Live, 25.03.10

The Emergency Operations Center announced Holy Week 2010 Operation

Holy Week Dominican Republic V3By air, sea and land

BREAKING NEWS: The Emergency Operations Center (COE) announced the launch of the Operational Plan for Life Easter 2010, Thursday April the 1st until Sunday, April the 4th, on the occasion of the commemoration of Holy Week, when thousands of people travel in the country.

The information was provided by General Juan Manuel Mendez, COE director, at a press conference in the lounge Orlando Martinez, the National Palace, accompanied by representatives of 20 government institutions, which are coordinated by the Information and Press Department of the Presidency and the COE.

Mr Mendez said the plan consists of an initial phase of information campaign and public outreach to raise awareness and guide the population in relation to actions which must be observed as precautionary.

A second phase is the actual date of commencement of the Plan 1 to 4 April, with the redeployment of staff and all units at their respective institutions, and the third phase would be the evaluation of Operation in order to systematize the information produced.

He said that institutions will join efforts, resources and capacities to achieve self-sufficiency in handling emergencies that occur during the operation.

He also revealed that 39, 451 members of various institutions that are part of the COE, new command center and regional control, 127 ambulance units, aid stations located 2.461 at critical points along the main roads and motorways, three air units ready by Ministry of the Armed Forces, three mobile hospitals, 10 medical clinics, and a communication system will be part of Operation Easter 2010.

General Juan Manuel Mendez said that the Operational Plan for Life Easter 2010, made possible by the help of President Leonel Fernández, through the Administrative Secretary of the Presidency.

The institutions are part of the Operating Plan Administrative Secretariat of the Presidency, the Presidency’s Social Plan, Civil Defense, National Police, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Tourist Police, Office of the First Lady, National Institute of Forensic Sciences, Metropolitan Bus Office, Essential Drugs Program, Office for Information Technology and Communication, Economic dining, Red Cross and Fire Corps.

Also the ministries of Interior and Police, Armed Forces, Public Health and Welfare, and Public Works and Communications. Land Transit Directions and Information, Press and Publicity of the Presidency, will cooperate with the Emergency Operations Center.

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Holy Week 2010 begins Monday

Holy Week Dominican Republic V04Rivers, beaches, mountains, churches and museums expect thousands of visitors

BREAKING NEWS: During the Holy Week which starts on the 29th of this month thousands of Dominicans and foreigners will travel throughout the country, in order to enjoy its beaches, rivers, mountains, museums, churches, convents, forest parks and other places of healthy recreation, and also in order visit and share with their family they only see every year or for very important dates such as Christmas or patriotic dates.

Those who reside in the capital of the Republic go to the most nearby beaches as the ones of Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, Guayacanes, San Pedro, La Romana or rivers like Manresa, Haina, Higuero or La Toma in San Cristobal.

Other citizens will go further to enjoy the beaches of the Far East such as Bávaro, Punta Cana, Uvero Alto, Constitución, Macao and San Rafael del Yuma, Miches, Samaná, Montecristi, to mention only some of the most cherished and valued ones.

In the southern part of our geography we find beautiful and inviting beaches and rivers as in Peravia, Azua, Barahona, Pedernales, Independencia and Bahoruco.

Many other capital natives travel to different parts of the Cibao, especially in Santiago, La Vega, Puerto Plata, San Francisco de Macoris, Valverde, Dajabón, Santiago Rodriguez and other attractions.

Among the most visited each year are Punta Rucia, Cabarete, Salto El Limon, Rincon, Las Terrenas, Montecristi and Cayo Levantado and Samana, Punta Cana and Bavaro, as well as Macau and Uvero Alto.

In Barahona they are beautiful rivers at various points, very close to each other, and nature also created the Bahia de las Aguilas in Pedernales.

For the dominicans who stay in their villages or in the capital there are numerous leisure activities such as zoological and botanical park, the famous and fair Canquiñas museums in the Colonial Zone, cinemas and a myriad of bookstores where you can buy the latest best-seller or favorite novel, or enjoy a delicious ice cream or a high quality burger.

Since 29 (or perhaps Saturday the 27th) there are many Dominicans and foreigners who moved across the country to know, enjoy and never forget the many wonders that Mother Nature placed in the almost 49 thousand square kilometers of the ever proud, caring, independent and sovereign Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Live, 29.03.10

Taiwan donates 3 750 000 U.S. dollars to the country

Taiwan Temistocles Montas V02In support of the national census and the Santo Domingo Cyber park

BREAKING NEWS: The Dominican government received a donation the sum of 3 million 750 thousand dollars of the Republic of Taiwan, that will be used in the works of the National Census of Population and Housing to be held this year, and for the project to support the ecosystem of the Santo Domingo Cyberpark and Promotion of Technological Development in the Dominican Republic.

The first part of donation, US $ 1, 750,900, is intended for the implementation of the Ninth National Population Census and Housing 2010, after the holding of national elections next May the 16th.

While the remaining U.S. $ 2, 000,000 will be used for strengthening the infrastructure of the Santo Domingo Cybernetic Park, modernize its institutional infrastructure, increase and diversify its educational offerings and encourage the establishment of new businesses.

The information was provided by Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Juan Temistocles Montas, told a news conference held at his office at the National Palace, accompanied by the Ambassador of Taiwan in Dominican Republic, Isaac Tsai, the director of the National Statistics Office Paul Tactuk, and Eddy Martinez, director of the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic, and Monsignor Agripino Núñez, president of the Foundation of the Cyber Park of Santo Domingo.

Montas said the monetary donation of Taiwanese government to government of the Dominican Republic demonstrates the good relations between the two nations for many years, and said that will remain always in a positive way.

He reported that in the remainder of the year, the Taiwan government will donate the sum of $ 25, 000,000 that are distributed in various Dominican institutions. For his part, said Isaac Tsai is an honor the long and fruitful partnership that has developed between the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Taiwan.

Mr. Tsai highlighted the visionary policy of President Leonel Fernández, who over ten years ago conceived the project of the Santo Domingo Cyberpark and said that with the strenuous efforts of Monseñor Nuñez Collado and Eddy Martinez, the technology corridor will help increase the competitiveness of the Dominican Republic.

The donation checks were received by Victor Valdez, administrative and financial manager of the National Bureau of Statistics, and Eddy Martinez, director of Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.03.10

Dominican Republic focuses on high-level tourism development

Intense campaign of expansion on European marketsLuxury Tourism Dominican Republic V02

BREAKING NEWS: Asonahores executive vice president, Arturo Villanueva, said the country displayed an intense campaign of expansion in European markets, including several non-traditional and emerging ones, and continues to expand its presence in North America. His vision is to maintain the all-inclusive option, but simultaneously develop the highest level tourism.

Villanueva has pointed out that Dominican Republic is the Caribbean destination with more leadership on the French market, with a favorable projection for Russia market : this country increased from two to seven the numbers of weekly flights to the airport of Punta Cana

Asonahores executive said that its location in the Caribbean enables the Dominican nation to develop sports marine because it is in the path of large numbers of cruise ships and private yachts. He also stressed that Dominican Republic is the destination with most private airports in the region.

We are developing tourism of small planes, private aircraft, which was not the case before. Civil Aviation Board gives all the facilities for this project, including the elimination of fees. We are working hard towards that market, pointed Villanueva.

As for golf, the employer has reported that the near future will open the field of Los Corales, listed as one of the ten best in the region. He said that the nation already has more than 26 golf courses with 18 holes in operation and another four or five under construction, making the country a preferred golf destination in the region.

Dominican Republic Live, 31.03.10

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