Vaccine demand decreases in the Dominican Republic

The demand for vaccines by Dominicans is currently on a downward trend in the country, something that worries the health authorities.

Although the personnel in charge of immunization is present in the vaccination centers, there are few people coming to them, especially since the elimination of the anti-Covid-19 measures by the government, which left it up to the people to take care of them.

For many, if the vaccination centers continue in this way, the Ministry of Public Health will close them or reduce their number, but so far there are no pronouncements on the matter.

What is certain is that in this nation until yesterday, a little more than 50 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, that is, five million 858 thousand 333 people, and a total of 15 thousand 252 thousand 198 doses have been applied.

It is of vital importance that the inhabitants of this half of the island continue their immunization process to reach the proposed goal and also to convince parents of the importance of vaccinating their children, a process which has begun and is advancing, but not with the necessary speed, otherwise the control of the disease may regress.

The fact that the restrictions have been lifted does not mean that Covid-19 has disappeared, and the perception of the population in this respect worries the specialists because the pandemic is and will be present, therefore, to neglect it would be fatal.


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