Venezuelan passports will be issued to Venezuelans in the DR

Venezuelan Embassy in the Dominican Republic will conduct a special day of passport delivery

This Friday 26 and Saturday 27, the Venezuelan Embassy in the Dominican Republic will hold a special passport delivery day for Venezuelans residing in the Dominican Republic.

The opening hours will be from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, the Venezuelan embassy reported on its @EmbaVEDO account on Twitter and Instagram.

The embassy reminded Venezuelans to check the lists of bags received with passports printed as of June 16, 2022, which are published on its website, as well as on its social networks.

Additionally, in order to expedite the process of delivery of the document, Venezuelans should review “carefully the requirements for delivery of passports before going to the consular section”, as well as the rules of entry to the Venezuelan diplomatic headquarters.

Venezuelan passportRequirements for the collection of passports

In order to pick up their passports, Venezuelan nationals must bring a photocopy of their identity card centered on a letter-sized sheet of paper.

On this same sheet of paper they must write the following information: Pouch number, Full name, Identity card number, Contact telephone number, Date of passport collection, Signature of the user, Receipt of payment of the consular fee delivered on the day they attended their data collection appointment.

To collect passports for children and adolescents, both parents must be present and bring original and copy of identity card or passport, as well as the child’s birth document.

In case one of the parents is not present, the one who attends must bring the respective authorization of the absent representative.

Last August 19, the Venezuelan Embassy in the Republic carried out another special day of delivery of passports printed until June 16, 2022 and which were sent by the Administrative Service of Migration, Identification and Foreigners (Saime) at the end of July.

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