WCG Energy will install solar power plant in Dominican Republic

In Monte Plata province

The National Energy Commission (CNE) and the U.S.-based company WCG Energy recently signed an agreement to install a solar power plant with solar panels with a capacity of 50 megawatts (50MW) in Monte Plata province (east).

The project to be built in the coming months at Mata de Palma township, 50 kilometers northeast of Santo Domingo, will cost an estimated US$180 million and will create more than 600 direct jobs.

CNE president Enrique Ramirez signed the agreement with Serge Gharibian WCG CEO and chief Energy board of the Washington Capital Global Finance Inc., based in United States.

Ramirez stressed the project’s strategic importance for the area’s development, and affirmed that having model in the global energy market would make Dominican authorities proud.

Gharibian, accompanied by local partners Frank Fulcar and Karen Stenpayan, hailed the agreement and stated confidence in the solar power project, whose first phase is slated to start in April.

Dominican Republic Live, From DT, 04.02.13, 11.15am

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