Workshop on leadership for Mitur Directors

Workshop on leadership for general and regional directors of Mitur

The activity was carried out as part of the “Leader of Influence” Program, implemented for the second consecutive year by the Human Resources Department of the institution.

In order to encourage and promote leadership, integration and commitment in management functions, the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) held the workshop course “Operation Synergy”, aimed at general and regional directors, managers and supervisors of the institution.

The activity was developed as part of the “Leader of Influence” Program, which for the second consecutive year is implemented by the tourism management institution, through the Human Resources Department, headed by Ivette Bodden.

Ricardo Cañas, an expert in leadership, marketing and top management, was in charge of the dynamic training of Mitur’s collaborators, an activity carried out at the Banreservas Club in Santo Domingo.

The training is also part of the actions to promote efficiency and quality in the services offered by Mitur, in line with the recovery and growth of the tourism industry in the country.

Bodden, welcomed and presented the training activity, which was focused on the dissertation on fundamental issues related to teamwork, synergy and key factors to become an influential leader, among other topics.

He explained that the objective of this program, in its second edition, is to develop leaders by fostering a culture of service, results, loyalty, commitment and effective relations in the institution.

The program includes recognitions to new leaders of Mitur areas, after an evaluation based on eight competencies in relation to their weaknesses and strengths.

This activity included practical exercises in the open air, choosing the club’s field, with the purpose of encouraging teamwork and the development of physical and creative skills in the participants, in order to achieve better results in their work performance.

Participants in the workshop included the directors and staff of the areas of Communications, Technology, International Relations, Cultural Tourism, Events, Cruises, Public Relations, Marketing, Health, and the Vice Ministry of Quality, as well as those in charge of Mitur’s regional offices in the country.

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