Youth will receive training and entrepreneurship support

The Ministry of Youth and the social program Supérate signed an agreement on the occasion of the commemoration of International Youth Day to promote opportunities for young people through training, support for entrepreneurship, promotion of leadership and access to education and access to sexuality education.

The agreement was signed by the head of the Ministry of Youth, Rafael Jesús Feliz García, and the general director of Supérate, Gloria Reyes, according to a press release.

Feliz García valued the work done by the director of the Supérate program, Gloria Reyes, of whom he said that with her at the head of this institution, rather than administering poverty, she makes the beneficiaries of these programs to improve themselves through each of the trainings, technical accompaniment and counseling given through the entity.

Reyes said: “Supérate in its youth division has the goal of impacting 50,000 young people this year and there is much we can do together with the Ministry of Youth, because one of the goals is to develop, along the way, public policies that contribute to transform the lives of Dominican youth.

He added that this alliance is a challenge for the institution, especially for the youth team, which has a great ally in the Ministry as “a complementary force”.


According to a press release sent by the program, both entities committed to carry out activities to promote the protection of the environment, such as talks on the responsible use of water, cleaning of beaches and rivers, through the initiatives Green Agents and Blue Agents.

Young people will also be able to become certified as tourist and ecological guides for the protection of ecosystems, under the Tourism and Community Development initiative. They will also be able to participate in cultural tours.

They will also work on topics such as soft skills and the rights and duties of citizens, focused on supporting the reintegration process of young people and adolescents deprived of their liberty.


The Supérate program made available to the MJ the Community Superation Centers (CSC) and the Dominican Republic Children and Youth Library (BIJRD) for the realization of activities. Likewise, the Ministry of Youth was integrated in the coordination and execution of the Supérate Youth Talent contest.

Finally, the agreement proposes the implementation of a training program for young Dominicans abroad, in alliance with the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (Index), on adolescent pregnancy, early unions, situations of violence, participation, empowerment, self-esteem and physical and economic autonomy.

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