SID Group to invest $150 MM

President Luis Abinader led the event yesterday where Grupo SID announced that it will invest more than US$150 million in its different companies in the Dominican Republic to expand and modernize its facilities.

President Abinader, accompanied by Grupo SID executives, toured the facilities of the headquarters in Santo Domingo, where he inaugurated the Ernesto Vitienes Lavanderos Medical Unit, which is expected to offer more than 9,000 consultations per year, and the Enrique Armenteros Rius Dining Room, with a capacity to feed 2,500 employees per day,

The joint investment of more than 150 million pesos between the two facilities will benefit the employees of their companies.

Ligia Bonetti Du-Breil, executive president of Grupo SID, informed that new investments will be made in distribution centers in the three regions of the country.

In addition, new plants for the production of margarine, mayonnaise, oil refiner and extractor, among many others.

Bonetti Du-Breil reaffirmed the company’s commitment and confidence to continue developing the industrial potential of the Dominican Republic.

Productive investments
“On this 85th anniversary we reiterate our commitment to our country and the trust we place in our authorities…. our productive investments in the companies are the true manifestation of the commitment we have with the generation and preservation of jobs in the Dominican Republic”, said the businesswoman.

She affirmed that Grupo SID’s investment plans will mark a before and after for this business group as well as for the industrial sector, not only in the Dominican Republic, but also for the industry in the region.

Commitment to the country
The businesswoman informed that Grupo SID made investments of more than RD$1.2 billion in machinery, equipment, heavy and light industrial vehicles, new infrastructure and improvements to existing infrastructure in 2021 alone.

He also explained the commitment they have with health, education, sports, environment and cultural development of the country, branches in which in 2021 alone more than RD$225 million were invested.

“Our mission to create well-being has led us over the course of these 85 years to value what is truly important: to live in a just society, with equal opportunities, with a sense of solidarity and above all with a willingness to work together in the public and private sectors to move the country forward,” said the executive president of Grupo SID.

Those present.
Besides President Abinader and Ligia Bonetti, the event was attended by the Ministers of Industry and Commerce, Víctor Ito Bisonó; of Public Health, Daniel Rivera; of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mera, and of Tourism, David Collado,

Other attendees.
Also in attendance were members of the Board of Directors of Grupo SID and representatives of the Bonetti, Armenteros and Vitienes families, among other authorities and special guests.


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