Dominican Bryan de Peña assures he will win Lawrence mayoralty in November

The businessman of Dominican origin and fighter for the civil rights of immigrants in the United States, Bryan de Peña, assured that he will win the November elections for mayor of the city of Lawrence, in the state of Massachusetts.

He said that when he becomes mayor he will work to strengthen the political leadership of this municipality in the aforementioned North American city and so that the migrant groups in the city that he aspires to lead have greater contacts, do not forget their roots and strengthen their economy.

“We have full confidence that we will win the mayoralty of our great city of Lawrence, this is what we know from the face to face meetings we do, the meetings with the communities, both Latino and American, as well as the constant polls in radio stations and programs,” revealed De Peña in the program “Despierta Hermanas Mirabal” by

He explained that in every political, electoral and social process the role of Hermanas Mirabal is fundamental, due to the large number of people who for many years have been migrating to Lawrence, where 70 percent of the Hispanic population comes from that province.

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