Dominican Embassy in Panama holds meeting with professionals

The meeting was held with deserving Dominican professionals working in the Central American country.

With a large participation of people, technicians and businessmen, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Panama, held the first meeting with professionals in that nation with the aim of creating a rapprochement between them.

The event was headed by Ambassador Prisca Violeta Mazara who expressed her satisfaction with this meeting. “It is a source of great satisfaction for me personally and in my capacity as Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in this sisterly and hospitable land such as Panama.

It is a great honor for me to be able to hold this significant meeting with outstanding Dominican professionals, meritorious men and women who work in this country, which has welcomed you with solidarity, and to whom you give back with the creative exercise of your functions, through a dignified and fruitful work”.
The diplomat emphasized that the country has always distinguished itself for having an outstanding representation of professionals who have excelled in different labor, scientific, artistic, sports and technical areas.

On behalf of the professionals spoke Engineer Julio Cohen, who highlighted the importance of the initiative for the integration and creation of the community of professionals based in Panama.

“Meeting like this, allows us to find the familiarity that is missed from the roots, like other immigrant communities, we must maintain it, strengthen it and make it grow over time.”

Also present were Mr. Robert Dario Polanco Tejada, Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Panama, Nicanor Honrado, Director of the Institute for Dominicans Abroad INDEX, among other diplomatic representatives in the country.

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