Dominican Republic exhibits Menina in Madrid

With the presence of the mayor of Santo Domingo, Carolina Mejía, the ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain, Juan Bolívar Díaz and the graphic designer, Isabella Fernández, the Dominican Menina was exhibited today, Wednesday, November 3, in Madrid.

Since 2018, the center of the city of Madrid has been filled with 2-meter statues inspired by the masterpiece “Las Meninas” by the Spanish Golden Age painter Diego Velasquez. The meninas are installed in the busiest corners of the city, dressed in different designs and messages.

The design proposes to exalt the variety of races that make up the Dominican Republic, highlighting through illustrations outstanding personalities of our country such as Marileidy Paulino, Juan Luis Guerra, Sergio Vargas, Jenny Polanco, the Mirabal sisters and many more.

“Among the faces you will be able to discover people who represent us, we are the cradle of great athletes. We are the country that makes the hips of the world move, we are the people who grow the best tobacco in the world and where the cocoa that becomes the most delicious chocolates is born. We are millions of people who bring a unique joy and energy to the world. `Dominican Faces’ seeks for you to know them all and discover all the potential that our half Caribbean island has”, says Isabella Fernandez.

This exhibition is organized by Meninas Madrid Gallery. The Dominican Menina is on display until mid-December at Serrano and Goya streets, on a corner of the emblematic Plaza Colón.

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