Dominicans in Rome celebrate Independence Day at a carnival

Residents in Italy will commemorate 179 years of Independence of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican community in Rome announced that on the occasion of the celebration of the 179th anniversary of the Independence of the Dominican Republic, they will celebrate the Dominican Carnival in style, next February 19 at 9:00 am.

Residents in Italy will commemorate the 179 years of Independence of the Dominican Republic with film screenings, traditional festivities and conferences in Rome during the so-called “Month of the Homeland”, which will be celebrated until March 6.

The surroundings of the imposing Roman Forum of the Italian capital will be, next February 19, the scene of a festive parade that will take to the streets a sample of Dominican folklore dresses and costumes, as well as typical costumes of the island carnival, said Mirtha Raelis Mella, president of the association promoting the events, ProMueve RD.

“‘Hay un país en el mundo’, which addresses the issue of the lives of Dominicans residing abroad, is a celebration of our culture, folklore, music and dances, while ‘Santo Domingo’ tells the story of the discovery of America and the arrival of Columbus on the island,” explained Mella.

However, the first date of the commemorative events will come on February 15 with the screening of two films about the Dominican Republic and its history-“There is a country in the world” and “Santo Domingo”.

Caribbean people will show in this carnival their joy and enthusiasm that they carry in their hearts, and will give example through their tradition, that they are special wherever they live in the world.Independecia en un Carnal

The Month of the Homeland also foresees the celebration on February 26 of the “Dominican Independence and Carnival Festival,” a celebration that since 2016 has invited “merchants, artisans, dancers, artists, authorities and other members of the country’s community” to gather in Rome to remember Dominican life.

The informative days will also be part of the commemoration program, materialized in the conferences “Diversity, history and culture of the Dominican Republic”, on February 23, and “the importance of patriotic symbols”, which on March 9 will close the events of the Month of the Homeland.

The “Month of the Fatherland” events will serve to boost tourism on the island and take it “beyond the wonderful beaches”, recalling the great cultural and historical heritage of a country in which “the first church of the entire American continent was built”, said the Dominican Republic’s ambassador to the Holy See, Luis Emilio Montalvo.

The NGO ProMueve, which has as its mission the “promotion of the values, history and identity of the Dominican Republic, as well as the protection of the rights of migrants present in the Italian territory”, organizes various events and cultural days throughout the year. The events of the Month of the Homeland are free and open to the public.

The group called Los Quisqueyanos said that this is the opportunity to present with honor their first official parade in the capital of Italy.

In this cultural manifestation will be presented comparsas from Rome and from different cities of Italy, which will meet this day to represent the Dominican folklore with pride.



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