Forbes magazine highlights role of 21 “Powerful Women” in Dominican Republic

Sonia Guzman, Dominican ambassador to Washington; Sabina Matos, first Latina to serve as lieutenant governor of Rhode Island; and Laura Jimenez, senior advisor in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs for the Department of State, head the list of “Powerful Women” on the July cover of Forbes Dominican Republic magazine.

The publication brings a review of the 100 most powerful women in Central America and the Dominican Republic, highlighting the role of Creole women, both in the country and abroad where they perform important functions and whose interviews highlight it.

In the case of Guzman, she is the first woman to hold the post of ambassador of the country in the United States, besides being a pioneer as a woman in other positions in the Dominican Republic.

“I have the great responsibility right now to reestablish the closest possible ties between the Dominican Republic and the United States, and I also believe that we must give Dominicans the opportunity to return to their country as investors, businessmen or culturally they can contribute a lot to the country,” said Ambassador Guzman in her statements to the aforementioned magazine.

Sabina Matos was the first Latina to lead the presidency of the Providence City Council. She is a native of Paraíso, Barahona and emigrated with her family to the United States in 1994.

She was nominated at the end of March by Governor Dan McKee, who assured that the Dominican was a prepared woman with the necessary experience to work closely with his administration. She was chosen from among five finalists from the large group of 80 people who applied for the position of lieutenant governor of Rhode Island.

Laura Jiménez, Sonia Guzmán and Sabina Matos, on the cover of Forbes.
Laura Jimenez, Sonia Guzman and Sabina Matos, on the cover of Forbes.
Laura Jiménez is the daughter of journalist, television and radio producer Cristhian Jiménez and Vilma Pimentel. She was appointed to the U.S. State Department as an advisor for Western Hemisphere Affairs by President Biden.

Jimenez was national director of Latino Engagement for President Biden’s campaign, was chief of staff for Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez in the Florida Senate, deputy director of travel and deputies for former Tallahassee FL Mayor Andrew Gillum’s 2018 campaign.

Also highlighted among the list is the current vice president of the country, Raquel Peña, in the public administration category. Likewise, Julissa Reynoso, who is the chief of staff of the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, is also highlighted.

Other women highlighted by the magazine in its list of 100 are: Marisol Chalas; Lucile Houellemont de Gamundi; Sergia Galván; Ana Simó; Juana Barceló Cueto; Luisa Fernández Durán; Mariasela Álvarez; María Marte; Leila Boasier Budecker; Marisol Vicens Bello; Aída Mencía-Ripley; Paola Santana; Gloria Ceballos; Inés Páez (Cheft Tita); and Indira Isabel Lorenzo.

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