Jamaica Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (JAMCHAMDR) launched

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (JAMCHAMDR), made the presentation of its recently formed association, an initiative of several Dominican companies with operations in the neighboring island, as well as Jamaican companies with operations in the country.

This project is the result of the support and work carried out by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, Angie Martinez, together with a group of international companies. The chamber will be led by Engineer Juan José Melo, Chief Country Officer of JMMB Dominican Republic.

The organization seeks to promote and facilitate bilateral commercial, economic and political relations between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, as well as to promote the culture of both countries. Likewise, it will manage the identification of economic sectors and business opportunities between the two islands.

Jamaica is the third most important destination for our country’s exports in the Caribbean region, only surpassed by Haiti and Puerto Rico, representing 5.06% of total exports to the region.

Engineer Juan José Melo revealed that the Dominican Republic has a significant trade surplus with Jamaica, where imports from this country amounted to 3 million dollars, in which fuels and food represent more than 60% of the total, demonstrating that there is a great opportunity for growth for their products in the country.

The president of the Chamber reported during his launching speech the following aspect: “At the close of 2020, according to preliminary figures from the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, our exports to Jamaica amounted to USD 75.7 million, with plastics representing approximately 30%, as well as paper, various foods and cement with 15% each, according to preliminary figures from the Directorate General of Customs”.

The Board of Directors is made up of Juan José Melo (president) representing JMMB Dominican Republic; Benjamín Valdez (vice-president) rep. Jamaica Producers Group; José M. Vega (treasurer) rep. Gerdau-Metaldom; José Quiroz (secretary) rep. Quiroz Advisors, QA Legal, S.RL; Fernando González (member) rep. Commonwealth Countries Roundtable in the Dominican Republic; Bela Szabo (member) rep. GB Energy Jamaica and Hugo Pérez (member) rep. Therrestra.

Among the managing companies of this initiative and founders were: JMMB Dominican Republic, Jamaica Producers Group; Mesa Redonda Países de la Mancomunidad en la República Dominicana; Quiroz Advisors, QA Legal, S. RL; CODELPA, Therrestra, Gerdau-Metaldom, Domicen, Magna Motors, GB ENERGY Texaco DR, Interenergy, Intercaribbean Airways, VFS, Ravi Caribe, APH abogados, Fersan, , APH Abogados, NTD Ingredientes, CIEF, Chamber of Commerce Trinidad and Tobago, Embassy of Jamaica, Prodominicana, ADOEXPO, IQTEK Solutions and ANJE.


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