Mayor-elect Eric Adams visits Dominican Republic

After a short trip to Puerto Rico, Mayor-elect Eric Adams is in the Dominican Republic, where he pledged to create a closer bond with this country, which is home to the largest immigrant group in the five boroughs.

During his campaign, Adams had promised that he would visit the Caribbean country if elected mayor and just five days after securing victory, the mayor-elect arrived in Santiago, the second largest city in the country.

During a meeting with local officials and businessmen, Adams promised to create the first cultural exchange program for students.

He also said his administration will work with Dominican and New York businessmen to foster economic growth.

Labor leader Henry Garrido, and former Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell are accompanying Adams during his trip. As is Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who is the coordinator of Adams’ delegation to the Dominican Republic.

“He is coming here to respect the number of Dominicans, that we are the largest group, and to come and talk about possible ways to collaborate. As he promised in his campaign, that he was going to be the first mayor to come to the Dominican Republic as soon as he was elected and it is his commitment to come to pay respect, fulfilling his proposal,” Rodriguez explained.

Adams is scheduled to spend another day on the island, where he has scheduled meetings with local politicians, including members of the Senate.

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