New ambassadors appointed to Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, among others

The Official State Gazette (BOE) of Wednesday, the 4th, includes the dismissal and appointment of several ambassadors, as well as the general director of the Foreign Service, a position that will be occupied by María Hilda Jiménez Núñez.

Antonio Pérez-Hernández y Torra will be ambassador to the Dominican Republic, replacing Alejandro Abellán García de Diego; Carmen Castiella Ruiz de Velasco will replace Javier Hernández Peña, in Paraguay; Ricardo Losa Giménez replaces Gabriel Ferrán Carrión, in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Lorea Arribalzaga Ceballos replaces Luis Belzuz de los Ríos, in the Slovak Republic; Guillermo Javier Corral van Damme to Teresa Orjales Vidal, in the Republic of Estonia; José Javier Gutiérrez Blanco-Navarrete to Alicia Rico Pérez del Pulgar, in the Republic of Ghana; Sergio Cuesta Francisco to Pedro José Sanz Serrano, in the Republic of Haiti; and Jorge Urbiola López de Montenegro replaces David Arturo Carriedo Tomás as ambassador of Spain to the Republic of Tajikistan.

The BOE also includes the resignation of David Arturo Carriedo Tomás as ambassador of Spain to the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan. The delegation in Kazakhstan will be occupied by Jorge Urbiola López de Montenegro.

The BOE also includes the appointment of Diego Bermejo Romero de Terreros as ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and Santiago Gómez-Acebo Rodríguez-Spiteri as ambassador to the Republic of Malawi.


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