Agreement to implement a one-stop investment window

The purpose of the agreement is to guarantee the fluidity, security, transparency and efficiency of all processes carried out by investors.

The National Energy Commission (CNE) and the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana) will work on the digital implementation of the Single Window for Investment in the Dominican Republic (VUIRD), as a way to boost the country’s national and international competitive capacity.

With the agreement signed by the directors of CNE and ProDominicana, Edward Veras and Biviana Riveiro Disla, respectively, they seek to turn the single window into an agile and reliable tool for the benefit of investors interested in developing renewable energy projects in the country.

In addition, its purpose is to guarantee the fluidity, security, transparency and efficiency of all processes carried out by investors in order to continue with the development of the production of renewable energy sources.

Veras revealed that all the projects have already been approved to meet the “country-goal” of covering 25% of the national demand with renewable energy by the year 2025.

He said that the work carried out by the National Energy Commission also guarantees that the commitment to cover 30% of the demand with renewable energy by 2030 will be fulfilled, while highlighting the support provided by the government of President Luis Abinader to the sector.

Veras expressed that the CNE is committed to the “Zero Bureaucracy” project in the State, as well as to maintain the incentives for renewable energy, the inclusion of new technologies in the sector and to offer facilities to investors so that new capital arrives to the country.Edward Veras Biviana Riveiro Disla

He said that the CNE is committed to work with Pro Dominicana and the other institutions that make up the One-Stop Investment Window, in the reception and management of the requests received through the tool, as well as in the delivery of documents that are the result of these.

He indicated that the agreement will also expedite and facilitate the formalities, procedures and actions to issue the necessary authorizations, licenses, permits and certifications so that investors can properly carry out their installation processes in the country or the expansion of their renewable energy parks.

He expressed that with this agreement, substantial benefits will be obtained for the development of the country, based on an agile, efficient mechanism, with transparency as a cardinal point to ensure that investments are not affected in the future.

On his side, Riveiro indicated that “the main objective is to offer investors a centralized point for the provision of services and procedures necessary to carry out their investments in the country in the renewable energy sector”.

He explained that the agreement also seeks to group government services from multiple institutions, including certifications, permits and licenses, to make the steps to be followed in each case more transparent and clear.

Riveiro said that the agreement guarantees integral services free of charge to develop renewable energy projects in the country, guaranteeing their growth and the sustainability of the sector.

He specified that the Coordination Commission of the Single Investment Window will carry out all the necessary actions for the correct implementation of the project in its virtual modality, due to the fact that the achievement of reaching Zero Bureaucracy will be a historical fact for the country and all the sectors that coexist in it.

In recognizing the work carried out by the CNE, the official said that it is appropriate to emphasize that integration, inter-institutional cooperation and quality in the provision of public services are the most effective means for the Dominican Republic to achieve its sustainable and sustainable development.

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