Argentina and DR discuss agreements on electricity and food imports

After the impact generated by the war crisis between Ukraine and Russia, the Dominican Republic is exploring closer trade ties with other Latin American countries, which is why the Dominican government is considering strengthening its ties with Argentina in the electricity sector and in the import of foodstuffs for the family basket.

The information was offered this Tuesday by the president of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina, Sergio Massa, who paid a courtesy visit to the vice-president of his counterpart institution in the country, Olfany Méndez, in which participated spokespersons of blocks of deputies and other legislators, as well as members of that official delegation of that South American country.

According to a press release, the official explained that during their stay in the country they are completing the work initiated by President Luis Abinader in his recent trip to Argentina, last March, where he signed agreements in the areas of hydrocarbons, health and viticulture.

He recalled that for the economic development of the Dominican Republic, energy and the consequences of war crises, in reference to the one originated in Ukraine-Russia, can be economic conditioning factors that end up generating inflation worldwide.

He added that in energy matters, Argentina intends to increase consumption and refining capacity through the Dominican Petroleum Refinery (Refidomsa) and contribute to the investment capacity of the country in terms of reserves and its result in the balance of trade in dollars, as well as the strength of its currency.

Zero tariffs
The president of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, stressed that Argentina and its head of state, Alberto Fernández, have an “enormous vocation” to help consolidate the food sovereignty of the Dominican Republic to ensure that Dominicans have access to food at good prices.

When questioned about the concerns of the Dominican business sector that there may be unfair competition if the bill that would establish zero tariffs for six months is approved, Massa said he did not want to comment on domestic politics.

In addition, Massa highlighted among the bilateral relations the large number of Argentine tourists coming to the Dominican Republic and Argentina’s capacity to export food to the country to supply local hotels with its products.

He recalled that Argentina is the third country that provides visitors to the country, due to the fact that after the war crisis, the Russians ceased to occupy that place.

He also referred to the importance of the Dominican Republic being able to increase its capacity of attention in health and medical centers and the experience that the South American country has developed in training health personnel and the interest in making them available to the Dominican people.

He mentioned among other topics of exchange the technological and satellites, which would contribute to agricultural production and health issues and the Argentinean experience with transplants in infants.

He said that he hopes that the Parliamentary Group of Friendship between both countries will be strengthened and that the Dominicans will visit his country.

Obliged to get closer
The Dominican Minister of Industry and Commerce, Víctor (Ito) Bisonó, emphasized that the war crisis “obliges us to get closer in America and that we can establish logistics and support as friendly countries with strong and healthy democracies”.

He also stressed the importance of Abinader’s recent official trip to Argentina and said that they are following up on the agreements reached with that country.

During the courtesy visit, the vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Olfany Méndez, highlighted the importance of strengthening commercial ties between both countries through exchanges in different areas and excused the president of that legislative body, Alfredo Pacheco, who was unable to be present, due to the fact that he is traveling abroad.

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