Biodiversity investment and “green finance”

In its seventh seminar on Sustainable Profits, called “Investing in Biodiversity to protect our natural capital”, the National Network of Business Support for Environmental Protection (Ecored) will hold from 8:00 a.m. today, Thursday 28th, a broad discussion with the participation of national and international speakers.

The activity, scheduled to close at 1:00 in the afternoon, will take place in the Gran Embajador hall of the Hotel El Embajador in Santo Domingo. During a visit to Listín Diario, Maria Alicia Urbaneja, executive director of Ecored, explained the importance of returning to the presentation of these topics in person, after two years without making them because of the pandemic, and because of the relevant fact of being in an island territory.

He explained that experts in “green finance” will participate, to explain the value of natural capital, a point where biodiversity is very important in oceans and land and given its high relationship with business.

There will be presentations on initiatives for the private sector, which has been showing increasing interest in these issues of global importance.

Urbaneja cited as an example the growing interest of businessmen in environmental and sustainability issues, reflected in the increase in Ecored’s membership, with 103 members at present, and the entry of 21 in the pandemic period.

Green financeEcored, he said, participated in the Climate Week, an activity attended by representatives from several countries, where they discussed the circular economy and the role of the private sector, and in the Articulation Table for Climate Action, with the participation of financial, business, governmental and international organizations linked to the environment.

Throughout this process, he added, businessmen have understood that their actions have an impact on the climate and some may have an impact on carbon emissions. Urbaneja detailed other actions such as the creation of a platform to measure the impact on the climate and other projects to support SMEs, implemented with the office of Procurement and Contracting for suppliers. There are already 200 suppliers of the State and soon another will continue in Santiago and in Haina, this time with 20 to 40 and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM).


One of the topics of the seminar to be held today at the Grand Ambassador’s hall will be on sustainable financing for the conservation of biodiversity and the global alliance for business and on good business practices.

It also seeks to draw the attention of participants to the importance of investing in infrastructure projects that guarantee the health of biodiversity, in order to preserve natural capital, which is indispensable for achieving sustainable development.

The theme of biodiversity was motivated by the fact that around 25% of animal and plant species face serious threats and in the understanding that the accelerated loss of species requires policies, strategies and programs that guarantee the well-being of natural resources.


The opening will be in charge of the president of Ecored, Mariel Bera; and the executive director María Alicia Urbaneja. The first presentation will be given by Federico Franco Taveras, Vice-Minister of Protected Areas of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, on the topic “Biodiversity in the Dominican Republic.

Milagros De Camps and Carol Franco will speak on the panel “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the scientific evidence of the impact of climate change on biodiversity loss”.

Marlon Flores, senior expert of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will give a lecture on “Sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation”.

Thony Da Silv, director of the firm Pizzolante, will also be among the speakers. Bianca Lisboa Da Camara, from the United Nations Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity will speak on “The Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity. Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework and the Private Sector”.

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