BlueBay connects 4 Hotels&Resorts with Dingus in Mexico and Dominican Republic

Dingus’ catalog of Bookincenter-connected hotels expands in the Caribbean with four new additions: BlueBay Grand Esmeralda and Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique, both in Playa del Carmen-Quintana Roo, as well as BlueBay Villas Doradas in Puerto Plata and BelleBue Dominican Bay in Boca Chica.

In Mexico and the Dominican Republic there are four exponents of the BlueBay Hotels & Resorts brand, which encompasses the chain’s 4 and 5-star hotels, and in this part of the world they do so with a “purely vacation character, without neglecting quality in the slightest. A new way of understanding the all-inclusive concept”.

BlueBay Hotels is an international chain with “extensive experience in the tourism and leisure sector” that has differentiated brands to market “all the products and services according to the needs of customers and the different segments in which it participates: 5 hotel brands, one restaurant brand and another aimed at health and beauty”.

Dingus’ clients have decided to opt for Bookincenter, Dingus’ business platform, which is constantly evolving to become the most advanced in the market. It integrates in a single environment all the functionalities, managing the personalized sale we propose: one customer, one situation, one opportunity. BiC can be used not only as a Channel Manager, but also as a CRS so that each hotel, depending on its marketing strategy and channel mix, can manage and control all reservations from a single technological environment.

PMSreservations: download reservations to the hotel’s own management system (PMS), provided that the hotel has integrated our APIs and is certified with Dingus for this purpose.

Dingus emphasizes that “we know that continuous improvement and efficiency are the key to improving a hotel’s competitiveness, and that is why we have a wide variety of integrations that allow us to accompany sales strategies. Our distribution map allows us to access markets and tour operators all over the world, with four new sales channels on average per month and more than 500 active connections”.

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