Bucher: U.S. and DR government measures benefit economy

President of the Dominican-Swiss Chamber of Commerce assures that the country is well regarded by foreign investors.

The investment and stimulus plans in the United States (US) announced by President Joe Biden, and the work being done by the Dominican Government to recover tourism will have a very positive impact on the economy of the Dominican Republic.

This was the opinion of the president of the Swiss-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTDS), Gaetan Bucher, when he participated as a guest in the Economic Meeting of HOY.
Bucher understands that part of the 1.9 billion dollars of the stimulus plan recently approved by the United States Congress will have effects on remittances and trade in the Latin American region and therefore in the Dominican Republic, due to the close commercial relations that the country has with that North American nation and the important number of Dominicans residing in the United States.

Likewise, he said, the country will benefit from other stimulus plans that the U.S. Government could announce soon.

He pointed out that these U.S. plans would not only impact remittances and the exchange of goods and services, but also the investment in free zones.
He added that the guidelines of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, with the United States in recent months also creates more incentives to attract more investment from that world power.

Likewise, the president of the CCTDS considered that the Dominican Government is doing a good job and valued as very positive that Abinader has formed a cabinet composed of businessmen.

In Bucher’s opinion, the Dominican Republic was fortunate that the crisis caused by the effects of Covid 19 coincided with a change of government that is formed by a team that comes mostly from the private sector, which has allowed for a very precise and technical approach to the measures to be taken for the country’s economic recovery.

He emphasized that this has been reflected in a positive way in the international markets, due to the fact that in the first month of government it achieved the largest placement of bonds in Central America and the Caribbean in the current juncture of the global economy, by issuing the equivalent of 3,800 million dollars in one day (3,500 million dollars and 17,000 million pesos) at low interest rates and with a high demand, and he emphasized that this shows the optimism that is perceived about the country.


Gaetan Bucher
The Dominican Republic has an enviable position internationally today because of its history of growth and the new approach that Luis Abinader and his team have. I insist a lot on this issue, and it is not something political, it is a technical approach. We have trained people from the private sector who understand how the economy works and that with the base that already exists here is an important catalyst for the development of the country”.

Measures for the tourism sector

The president of the Swiss-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTDS), Gaetan Bucher, valued positively the work being done by the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR), which has allowed the Dominican Republic to be seen as one of the safest countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region to guarantee the health of foreign visitors.
He cited as a good measure the extension of the travel assistance plan offered free of charge to all tourists arriving in the country by air and staying in a hotel, in addition to the protocols that have been designed together with hoteliers to avoid contagion of covid 19, among other initiatives.


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