Cites importance of increasing export space

The executive director of the Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (ProDominicana), Biviana Riveiro, said yesterday that the country is at a peak moment to continue attracting new investments.

She stated that it is important to expand the offer of Dominican products exported to different international markets. When interviewed on the program Despierta con CDN, the official expressed that the pandemic taught that the Dominican Republic must continue to bet on the diversification of the export basket and the strengthening of the country’s productive base.

“Twenty years ago the export basket was basically textile; now we have cigars, agricultural and agro-industrial products, medical devices, coffee and others that are exported to different destinations in the world. We must continue diversifying exports,” he said.

Among the new products that could be added to the Dominican export offer, Riveiro pointed out chinola and its derivatives, wine, which is already produced in the country, and products manufactured in free trade zones. The director of ProDominicana said that the country does not have a free trade agreement with China and neither does it have a geographical proximity that would allow a set of Dominican products to easily access the gigantic Chinese market.

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