Congressman proclaims support for Dominicans abroad saved DR economy during pandemic

The Congressman for the 13th district of NY, Adriano Espaillat, proclaimed before dozens of political and community organizations, during the meeting with the Permanent Commission of Dominicans Residing Abroad of the Senate of the Republic, that the economic support of Dominicans abroad saved the economy of the country during the pandemic last year.

Likewise, in investment, tourism, and beyond remittances, we send a lot of help to our relatives in the Dominican Republic, he said.

He said that it is important to have this type of dialogue “from here to there” where all the needs and agendas of our Diaspora, which contributes so much, not only in remittances, but also culturally, are listened to with attention.

Espaillat, who, for his praiseworthy work in the House of Representatives before the U.S. Congress, favoring hundreds of thousands of his constituents, among them thousands of Dominicans, maintains a solid and recognized support for his leadership by New Yorkers.

“It is important that Dominican authorities and senators listen to our needs, plans and proposals, and that they really take them into account,” said the congressman. “We have shared some ideas with the senators to present the proposals to them, as well as to the president of the Republic, Luis Abinader.”

He said he believes this is an important moment for the diaspora, “since we have made the decision to help the country and in a stellar way, during the biggest crisis of our generation, which is the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He congratulated the community and each of the senators present, especially Carlos Gomez, “who is one of our own and represents the Espaillat province, but is from our community, and is also interested in listening attentively to each of you (Dominicans)”, Espaillat pointed out.

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