Dominican Ambassador calls on DR companies to expand their presence in Russian regions

In October, the airline Azur Air is going to reopen the air connection between the Dominican Republic and several Russian cities: on October 1, it will start transporting Russian tourists to the Caribbean country from St. Petersburg; on October 2, from Ekaterinburg; on October 4 and 5, from Kazan and Ufa, respectively; on October 9, from Rostov-on-Don; and on October 11, from Novosibirsk.

The reopening of these flights should not only boost tourism between the two nations, but is also capable of facilitating the transfer of perishable goods, the Dominican ambassador indicated.
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In addition, Dominican producers could also enter Central Asia through the Russian market.

“Flights to Novosibirsk can be the gateway to Uzbekistan, to Kazakhstan, to Kyrgyzstan; and that also our country with those flights can be the gateway for products from those countries” to Central America and the Caribbean, Dannenberg Castellanos stressed.

The stand of the Dominican Republic at the WorldFood Moscow 2021 – Sputnik Mundo, 1920, 24.09.2021

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Dominican companies ready to conquer the Russian market at WorldFood Moscow 2021

He expressed his hope that Russian pharmaceutical companies, as well as companies producing in other sectors, will also take advantage of this opportunity to land in the Dominican Republic and thus increase trade between the two countries.

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