Dominican Republic elected for the first time to FIAB’s Executive Committee

The Bolsa y Mercados de Valores de la República Dominicana (BVRD), in the figure of its executive vice-president and general manager, Elianne Vilchez, is elected for the first time as part of the Executive Committee of the Ibero-American Federation of Exchanges (FIAB) for the period 2021-2023 in the framework of its 48th General Assembly and Annual Meeting, held in Lima, Peru.

The main objective of the FIAB lies in the cooperation and interaction between national and international entities with legislative, regulatory or any other powers in the field of financial and securities markets, with the purpose, among other aspects, of homogenizing the regulations on the issuance, circulation, distribution and registration of securities and financial instruments. In addition, to promote collaboration and interaction among its members.

This milestone constitutes a transcendental step for the development of the country’s stock market, opening doors to new international relationship places and to the achievement of initiatives that promote higher growth rates in the dynamics of the securities business, both locally and regionally.

For the BVRD, this is a recognition of the trajectory, efforts and achievements of the Dominican market, and all that this, from its emerging position, can contribute to the consolidation of other capital markets,” said Vilchez. He also stressed the importance of representing the local capital market in spaces that promote an agenda focused on sustainability, integration of stock markets, cybersecurity and other guidelines that have been outlined as a line of work for the coming years of the Executive Committee of the FIAB.

On more than one occasion, the Dominican Republic Stock Exchange and Securities Market, a private entity that regulates and promotes the country’s stock market sector, has demonstrated its commitment to building good corporate governance that promotes international best practices, resulting in notable advances in positioning and multilateral agreements, which translate into more opportunities and incentives for a stable and prosperous national business climate, with global reach.

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