ECLAC expects Dom Rep economy to grow by 5.3%

According to ECLAC, the Dominican Republic’s economy is growing at 5.3%, above the Latin American and Caribbean average of 2.7%. Venezuela leads the region’s growth with 10%, Panama with 7% and Colombia with 6.5%.

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) emphasized yesterday that the region’s economies are subject to fixed macroeconomic constraints.

These include strong inflationary pressures, low dynamism in job creation, declining investment and growing social demands.

Santo Domingo Central“This situation has generated major challenges for macroeconomic policy, which must reconcile policies that promote economic recovery with policies aimed at curbing inflation and ensuring the sustainability of public finances” said ECLAC acting director. secretary general Mario Cimoli at the opening of the Economic Policy. Survey 2022.

Cimoli emphasized that in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and other countries, the curve describing the evolution of employment is almost always below the curve describing the behavior of economic activity.

In Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, he said, the immediate outcome is expected to be close to balance in 2022, with a deficit of 0.3 percent of GDP, in line with pre-pandemic levels.

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