Equifax executive believes Data-Crédito acquisition opens way for DR talent

“We are going to bring in a lot of talent and we are also going to recruit a lot of local talent,” César Calomino, manager for Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico of Equifax, the US multinational that acquired the Dominican credit bureau Data-Crédito, told Diario Libre.

“In Argentina we have more than 100 data scientists in a center that supports the entire region, in Costa Rica we have more than 1,500 people in a global service center that provides services to the entire world, in Mexico we have more than 200 software engineers who develop platforms for the entire world, in El Salvador we have another technological hub,” Calomino said.

The stability, the business climate, the regulatory framework and having a company related to its credit analysis business was what attracted the multinational to the Dominican Republic, a country it plans to use as a hub in the Caribbean.

DataCrédito specializes in the delivery of credit bureau, scoring and analytical services. Equifax plans to increase its leadership in risk analysis, decision making and fraud prevention platforms in the Dominican market.

Its acquisition is part of 11 made by Equifax in the last year, and Data-Crédito’s 180 employees join the more than 15,000 employees of the multinational company present in 25 countries.

The company will continue to be called Data-Crédito, with the surname of being “an Equifax company”, said Calomino. The multinational will also keep the Dominican Alberto Adam as corporate vice-president of the company founded in 1998.

“We are respectful of the laws and, above all, of the privacy of each person’s information”.
César Calomino
Manager for Central America, Caribbean and Mexico of Equifax.

“Our intention when we came here to the (Dominican) market is to empower, is to join efforts and generate greater value, it is not to come to bring a packaged and corporate model, but on the contrary, is to enhance the good that Data-Crédito has been doing, and an example of this is the brand,” said Calomino.

He indicated that Equifax is in a process of expansion and in that development began to explore markets, finding in the Dominican Republic the profile they were looking for.

“We had the Dominican Republic as a market (in which) that, in some way, at a country level, we found a country with growth, with a regulation in line with this industry and we found Data-Crédito, a company with 24 years of experience,” he said.

Equifax, an Atlanta-based public company focused on data, analytics and technology, has invested more than US$3 billion in strategic acquisitions since the beginning of 2021 to strengthen the company.

It operates or has investments in North America, Central and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.


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