European Chamber seeks to strengthen commercial ties with the country

The European Chamber held its extraordinary assembly in which it approved new statutes and elected a new board, which aims to strengthen relations between the European Union and the Dominican Republic.

The board will be chaired by the representative of the Dominican-German Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Pablo Viñas Guzmán, who expressed his interest in continuing to create the conditions to reactivate ties with European countries.

This directive also counts with the Dominican-Belgian Chamber of Commerce in charge of the vice-presidency, represented by Miguel Martínez Álvarez, the secretariat in charge of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Dominican Republic, represented by Marta Ors Arranz and in the treasury the French-Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Industry represented by Thomas Plisson.

The other members are the Dominican-Italian and Dominican-Portuguese Chambers of Commerce represented respectively by Angelo Viro and Ivo Rodriguez.

According to a press release, with the new statutes, the EuroChamber seeks to adapt to Dominican legislation, lay the foundations for its internal processes of participation and the search for better opportunities for the entire membership of the European chambers that comprise it.

During the event, the Delegation of the European Union and the firm Guzmán Ariza were thanked for their legal support.

EuroCámara will work to strengthen commercial relations between the Dominican Republic and the European Union through its members; as well as to stimulate, develop and facilitate exports and the attraction of investment in favor of the Dominican Republic, especially in those activities that have a multinational connotation and are promoted by the European Union.

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