Industry and trade ministers kick off summit

Latin America. The Ibero-American Deputy Secretary, Marcos Pinta Gama, pointed out that the regionLos ministros de Industria y Comercio has a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The second Ibero-American Summit of Ministers of Industry and Trade began yesterday in the Dominican Republic the work to transform the productive sectors and achieve sustainable and inclusive development in the region.

This space aims to address issues such as productive transformation for sustainable economic recovery post pandemic, innovation and digital transformation in industries, internationalization of knowledge-based services, as well as the vision of gender and inclusion as a path to development.

This activity seeks to address the issue of promoting e-commerce in industrial sectors and MSMEs in Ibero-America, with the participation of Francisco Gamboa, Minister of Industry and Trade of Costa Rica; Julio José Prado, Minister of Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries of Ecuador; Xiana Méndez, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade of Spain; Pedro Cilínio, Secretary of State for Economy of Portugal; and Hipólito Antonio Abreu, Minister of Industry of Venezuela.

The conference was attended by delegations from Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

The country’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor-Ito- Bisonó, expressed that despite the challenges faced by the country and these nations, they take important steps to grow and develop the economies.

“We welcome this meeting because of the importance of sharing experiences and best practices in Ibero-America, given that, in addition to history and cultural similarities, we share markets, we live in times when the regional trade dynamics have been reconfigured and we face new challenges that merit innovative policies and new synergy mechanisms,” said the official during the opening of the summit at the El Embajador hotel.

The Ibero-American Assistant Secretary, Marcos Pinta Gama, pointed out that one of the main reasons why the meeting is so important is the speed of change that the region’s economies are undergoing, and emphasized that Latin America has a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem, with 40 “unicorn” companies, valued at more than US$1 billion, which generate quality jobs, indirect employment (through their suppliers and allies) and are knowledge-intensive.


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