INESDYC and DGAPP to form foreign service in alliances

The General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP) and the Institute for Higher Education in Diplomatic and Consular Training (INESDYC), an academic body of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX), signed a collaboration agreement that will enable the foreign service based at diplomatic headquarters to specialize in the field of public-private partnerships.

The agreement, signed by the executive director of the DGAPP, Sigmund Freund, and the ambassador-rector of INESDYC, José Rafael Espaillat, proposes the collaboration of the DGAPP with the academic offer of INESDYC to meet the training needs of Dominican foreign service professionals interested in specializing in the public-private partnership model. The purpose is that the representations abroad can promote the portfolio of initiatives under the PPP model carried out by the Dominican government.

The executive director of the DGAPP, Sigmund Freund, and the ambassador-rector of INESDYC, Jose Rafael Espaillat, signed an agreement to collaborate with the academic offer of INESDYC in order to meet the training needs of the Dominican foreign service interested in specializing in the PPP model.

The executive director of the DGAPP, Sigmund Freund, thanked INESDYC for its willingness and interest in promoting specialized training on public-private partnerships (PPP) and stressed the importance of promoting the portfolio of PPP projects that are a high priority for the Dominican State in order to increase foreign direct investment (FDI).

“This agreement for the diplomatic and consular corps to specialize in public-private partnerships will allow attracting the investment required by the country, to promote projects as important as the Pedernales Tourism Development, with which the government of President Luis Abinader will change the face of poverty in the Southern region, creating more than 20,000 direct jobs and 50,000 indirect jobs,” Freund said.

He added that with this specialized training in PPPs, ambassadors, consuls and commercial attachés will be able to work more efficiently in their role as promoters par excellence of the country’s development projects and to encourage foreign capital to invest in them.

In his remarks, the ambassador-rector of INESDYC, Jose Rafael Espaillat, emphasized that INESDYC is pleased to be able to sign this collaboration agreement with the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships, given that both institutions have complementary roles in terms of training the Dominican Foreign Service in the area of Public-Private Partnerships, thus complying with one of the strategic objectives of MIREX regarding the promotion of investments in our country.

Espaillat also indicated that this is a great opportunity for INESDYC to support the plan for the development of the province of Pedernales and the entire border area through the Fragility, Resilience, Development and Investment in the Border Area (FREDI) research carried out by INESDYC on the determination of the levels of fragility and resilience of border communities, based on quantitative data.


This inter-institutional collaboration agreement seeks to develop joint activities to promote and execute strategies and actions that improve and strengthen the performance of the actors that converge in the field of public-private partnerships (PPP), which will allow the system and the economic sectors to make viable the process of acquiring skills and knowledge in related areas and topics related to the competencies of the participants.

Among the commitments made by INESDYC and the DGAPP are the development of academic and training programs, research and linkage with the social environment in areas of mutual interest in their objectives and functions, with a view to achieving their goals and the rational use of their resources. Likewise, the exchange of academic and administrative personnel for specific programs of mutual interest is promoted.

Nikauly Vargas, head of INESDYC’s International Relations Division, and Izalia López Ramírez, deputy director of promotion of the DGAPP, were appointed to coordinate the inter-institutional coordination required for the implementation of the activities. This inter-institutional agreement will have a duration of two years.

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