Inspection promotes safety in commerce

The timely inspection of shipments in order to promote security in international trade has great benefits for the business sector, as it improves and strengthens relations with its customers and with border security.

This was stated by Raymond Monzon, Supply Chain Security Specialist Supervisor for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency’s CTPAT.

Monzon was a speaker at the conference “Evolution of Security in International Cargo Handling,” held by the BASC Chapter of the Dominican Republic, where he presented the lecture “Recent Threats in Supply Chain Security, Best Practices and Use of Technology,” as well as some initiatives of maritime, port and airport security committees that are being carried out in the region.

Likewise, in the panel “Towards a secure regional logistics hub”, with the presentation of Johannes Kelner, Deputy Director General of Customs; Alexander Schad, Chairman of the Trade Facilitation Committee of Amchard, and Monzon, discussed the country’s initiatives and projects highlighting the efforts of the public-private sector to consolidate the country as a secure regional hub.

Kelner, from the DGA, highlighted the importance of security and the investment in logistics and facilitation that we are making, being the second most competitive country in logistics costs, which presents an opportunity with nearshoring and the improvement in the regional productive chain.

Other initiatives such as Despacho 24h, the MOR integral risk platform, the new Customs Law, the draft Logistics Law, and the advances in the AEO program confirm this trend.

The president of BASC Dominicana, Armando Rivas, said that this activity is part of the initiatives of the work plan and commitments established in the joint declaration between the World BASC Organization (WBO) and the US Customs and Border Protection Agency to improve security in the supply chain worldwide.

He said it is important to exchange ideas and knowledge to strengthen customs controls and trade facilitation.

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