International recognition for DR civil aviation

A meeting sponsored by ICAO and SINGAPORE authorities begins to evaluate strategies for strengthening safety and compliance with the practices and standards recommended by the governing body of international civil aviation.

The acting director general of the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC), Héctor Porcella, thanked the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for selecting the country to host the “Program for Directors General of Civil Aviation on Aviation Resilience”, which he valued as a recognition of the efforts made by the Government of President Luis Abinader to support the recovery and growth of this strategic sector of the national economy.

Porcella made the remarks while participating in the opening day of the meeting led by the Secretary General of ICAO, Juan Carlos Salazar, with the presence of Melvin Cintron, regional director for North, Central America and the Caribbean; and directors general, ambassadors and delegates of civil aviation from 25 countries of the Americas, as well as civil aviation authorities of Singapore, a city state that also sponsors the activity.

In addition to the “Program for Directors General of Civil Aviation on Aviation Resilience, the conclave will include the Workshop on Compliance with ICAO Recommended Standards and Practices (SARPS), and a working session on the preparations for the next General Assembly and technical cooperation activities of the specialized body of the United Nations, explained Porcella.

DGACThe IDAC official welcomed the international representatives on behalf of President Abinader, Tourism Minister David Collado and all the authorities of the Dominican aeronautical sector.

Porcella said that the success that the Dominican Republic has had in the recovery of tourism has much to do with the joint effort sponsored by the Cabinet of Tourism, created by President Abinader, and the heads of all institutions of civil aviation in the country.

He affirmed that the Dominican Republic has not only been the number one country in the recovery of tourism, as recognized by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), but also one of the first countries in the world to surpass the air traffic statistics prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The selection of the country as host of this meeting of civil aviation of the Americas, by the ICAO and the authorities of Singapore, is a distinction that we appreciate and aspire to reciprocate not only with traditional hospitality of the Dominican people, but also with the commitment to remain an example in safety and strengthening our human capital and our technological capabilities to contribute to the full achievement of the overall strategic objectives of our parent organization”.

The institutional agenda of the ICAO-led conclave includes, among others, the following topics, “A more resilient and future-ready aviation sector”, “Aviation response program to COVID-19”, “Safety measures and challenges” and “Safe return to operations”.

In addition, civil aviation CEOs and representatives of international organizations will also discuss “Safety-thinking ahead, preparing for the future,” “Emerging issues-sustainability,” “Key lessons,” and “Managing compliance with ICAO SARPs,” among others.

Porcella expressed his confidence that the conclave will represent an important step forward for the growth of civil aviation in the Region and will strengthen the reputation of the Dominican aeronautical system as an example of resilience and a model of sustainable development in Latin America.

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