SD Convention Center to boost the meetings industry

The Convention Center planned to be built in Santo Domingo by the government of President Luis Abinader will give an important boost to the Meetings Industry, which has recovered rapidly in the context of the pandemic, bringing benefits to multiple economic agents.

The point of view was expressed by the firm Turenlaces, which said: “We are confident that it will be a great contribution to our country and the City of Santo Domingo”.

The company recognized that the Dominican strategy for the management of COVID-19 was one of the most applauded worldwide for the perception of biosecurity that it establishes based on concrete facts such as vaccination and protocols to prevent contagion.

Elizabeth Tovar, said that the Meetings Industry is really a powerful engine of the economy and is a constant source of promotion for the country, since the participants in congresses, conventions and incentives are generally leaders who leave knowledge and prestige. “The Meetings Industry is the real generator of benefits for the country that develops it,” he explained.

“Secondly, and already talking about entities such as the World Council of the Meetings Industry, we have statistics that we are surpassing 2019 levels. Finally, we can confirm the enthusiasm of hoteliers who have ventured into this market, who tell us that they have received an avalanche of requests,” he stressed.

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