Spanish Chamber of Commerce aspires to be the DR’s first commercial partner

The president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Paco Pérez, pointed out this Tuesday that Spain is the country’s main partner in the tourism sector, but they also aspire to be the first in the commercial field.

Perez indicated that, in the tourism sector, Spanish hotel chains own 68% of the rooms, which are increasing.

“We have 400 member companies of the Chamber, we are growing in number of companies. What is certain is that the volume of business between Spain and the Dominican Republic is that we are the third commercial partner and we aspire at some point to be the first,” said Perez.

The president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, spoke during the conference “Practical aspects in the implementation of the agreement between Spain and the Dominican Republic to avoid double taxation”, dictated by David Heredia Tapia, Counsel Spanish Desk, and Chaly Cruz.

Speakers Heredia Tapia and Cruz highlighted the scope of application of the agreement to avoid double taxation between Spain and the Dominican Republic, the taxes covered, the criteria for income taxation and the methods established therein to eliminate double taxation in both countries.

They explained that the agreements to avoid double taxation are international treaties of fiscal content that are agreed between sovereign states with the intention of preventing a specific asset or income from being taxed with the same tax in different countries, hence the importance of understanding and knowing the domestic tax laws of both Spain and the Dominican Republic in order to optimize the tax burden in a legal and efficient manner.

During the meeting, they also analyzed the concepts of residence in Spain and resident in the Dominican Republic; of permanent establishment, the differences of criteria that apply in case of acting in one of the Contracting States through a permanent establishment or not, as well as the difference between acting through a proxy and/or an independent agent and the presumptions derived therefrom, among others.


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