They will launch today a project that seeks to revolutionize the labor system

A new project aimed at reaching 25,000 young people each year will be launched today, with which it is committed to revolutionizing the educational system and the Dominican labor market. It is a learning program that will be integrated into the curricula and will be an integral part of the degree, not an internship.

De Par en Par, it has financial funds from the European Union, through the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID); and the support of IMCA, OMG, Peña Defilló, EgeHaina and Gerdau Metaldom, among other Dominican industries. De Par en Par, is a platform that operates under the Business Initiative for Technical Education (IEET), which opens doors to the educational system and already has more than 30 companies added to this initiative.

It is a learning experience that will be implemented in polytechnics, taking into account that every year 25,000 students need to learn within their work centers and around 328,000 study centers must seek spaces in companies for their students, so that they can carry out their internships .

On the subject, Catherine Piña, executive director of IEET, an entity created under the business management firm INICIA, spoke to Listín Diario. For a year they have been working on the project, with the aim that young technicians can leave with their degrees, with an apprenticeship in companies, in about three months, in the case of industrial mechanics.

With the funds contributed by the allied companies, a network was created that can receive employers so that they give up the learning space each year for young people, for which a virtual platform was created that manages the entire process. The companies receive the students at the agreed times, where unlike an internship they will learn. At the launch, 50 companies that have been working on the project have been invited. The contribution from the European Union was 400,000 euros.

Other allied companies are the Ministry of Education, INICIA Educación, Berry Whale, CEPM, Energas, Alarma 24, Banco Popular, Claro and Cartel.

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