Audio | This is what “Hasta aquí” sounds like, the song with which Myriam Hernández seeks to empower women

After two years of presentations of the album “Seducción” (2011), with which she was nominated for a Latin Grammy that same year, Myriam Hernández was in search of new songs that would excite her to record again, however after several proposals, the singer had not found the melodies she was looking for for her sound.

And it wasn’t until 2018 that she found it. Through Instagram she received a message from Jacobo Calderón, producer of outstanding trajectory in Spanish pop for his work with artists such as David Bisbal, Raphael and Abraham Mateo, and main disciple of one of the most important signatures of the Hispanic romantic song, her father Juan Carlos Calderón, with whom Myriam Hernández in 1992 recorded her third album that stood out in the Billboard ranking hits such as “Un hombre secreto” and “Se me fue”.

The Spaniard proposed to the Chilean to work on new compositions and both coincided during the singer’s performance in Madrid where he presented her the first song demos, managing to conquer the artist’s expectations and those songs have become part of a new album “Sinergia” title dedicated to the connection between Myriam and collaborators.

“We have worked very closely together, with a lot of love, it is an album of 11 songs, they are not made like that anymore, with songs thought and written for me, with different themes and with a very current sound” says Myriam about the communication with her producer.

The album was recorded and produced in Miami by Jacobo Calderón with sound engineer Boris Milán during the last forty years, with Myriam Hernández traveling from Santiago de Chile and Calderón from Madrid to the United States. A work of 11 songs with the seal of the balladeer, who incorporates new rhythms and aspects to her music, although maintaining the voice as the main instrument, her unmistakable seal in the Latin ballad.

“A determined woman who no longer lets herself be annulled and who in this change is leaving footprints on which she builds a different life, with her at the center,” explains Myriam about the song. “The times where the woman was in the background behind a man are over, at some point I was wrong and I thought I was not a feminist, but I read, I informed myself and I realized I was wrong, I fell into the caricature of feminism, however, now I can say that yes, I am a feminist,” says the artist.

This Friday, July 23, the first single ‘Hasta aquí’, chosen as the album’s cover letter, was released, with scheduled premiere on the different music platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Youtube Music) and the video clip will have a live premiere through Youtube with the presence of Myriam and some guests (7.15 pm Chilean time on her official channel.

This is the singer’s first official release in ten years since ‘Seducción’, which debuted at Top #11 on Billboard’s Latin Pop Albums chart and was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Album.

In addition, the singer has already confirmed the first dates of her ‘Sinergia’ tour for 10 locations in the United States during October (Connecticut, New Jersey, Westbury, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami and Tampa), continuing in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, in what will be her return to live concerts. She is the first artist with residence in Chile to announce an international tour after what has been a quarantine due to the pandemic.


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