Bartolo Colon wins lawsuit and avoids paying millions in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Bartolo Colon won a lawsuit in the Dominican Republic against some doctors, who demanded a certain amount of millions.

For years there has been a fight between some doctors and Bartolo Colon in court, since they managed to cure Bartolo of one of the injuries that most affected his career, he underwent a stem cell treatment in 2010 when his career was on hold, once he recovered, the doctors demanded 10% of his salary for the rest of his career.

The judge ruled in favor of Bartolo Colon, releasing him from paying 10% of his MLB earnings in his final years.

Why did he rule in his favor?
The doctors apparently did nothing for Colon, the court found that the ballplayer did not make any profit and therefore there was nothing to pay.

Dominican pitcher Bartolo Colon finished his first professional season in the Mexican League (LMB); surprising the baseball world.

In 11 starts, Bartolo Colón accumulated a record of 6 wins, 2 losses, 4.55 ERA, 61.1 innings and 40 strikeouts. The final stretch of the season was not very good despite his great start.

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